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  1. Whiskered

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Prints and renders! [Starting at about 75$]

    Hello ya all. I am opening up 3D modelling and print commissions. We are not only doing characters. Table top games terrain pieces, small or big jobs. Vehicles and buildings. Partial payments are allowed. Minimal payments are of 25£ It is possible to get prints smaller than 20cm and...
  2. Whiskered

    Whiskered's Art Stuffs

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I have decided to expand a little bit and show of some of my art pieces. What I wish to inform you that I don't have one stable theme in my art. I tend to draw quite many different things. Here I'll show few examples and I'll be uploading some SFW pieces from...
  3. Whiskered

    General feedback, review and ciritique wanted

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I would like to improve my art production. So I wanted to ask some general feedback on my more recent art in general. I do know things that I need to improve by my self, however I might be missing something and also there might be better ways to do that. I...
  4. Whiskered

    Art commisions for november 6 slots.

    Greetigns ladies and gentelmen. I have recently opened up new slots for commissions. Six slots and two are already taken. I offer variety of art services. Sketches, Paintings, Illustrations, 3D. You can check by your self over here: November/december commisions are opend! --...
  5. Whiskered

    Greetings ladies and gentemen.

    Greetings ladies and gentelmen. I'm Whiskered_gentelman or whiskered for short. I am on FA for over six years now, but to the forum I am new. I don't really know what to say about my self here. I have graduated in 3d graphics recently and looking for employment in related industries. I do...