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  1. pikachu_electricmouse

    "Views" count for journals.

    I post a lot of journals with links, but since I only get the occasional comment in them, it's hard to tell if people actually enjoy them and read them daily, or if they're simply an annoyance to people who are simply watching me for my art. If FA told me how many page views my journal was...
  2. pikachu_electricmouse

    Site's Broken

  3. pikachu_electricmouse

    [NSFW] An image to commemorate Furaffinity's long-awaited return

  4. pikachu_electricmouse

    "To all the Squirrels I've Loved Before."

  5. pikachu_electricmouse


    This thread is for nom! Post funny pics for which nom would be the caption. Go!
  6. pikachu_electricmouse

    Rock me Gently, Rock me Slowly!

  7. pikachu_electricmouse

    Bathtime in Clerkenwell

    It's rather indescribable, really... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awuTkVytgYs
  8. pikachu_electricmouse

    Kangaroo animation

    Found this while looking for something else. Starts out pretty good. Unfortunately, the ending leaves something to be desired as things don't turn out well for our kangaroo friend: http://youtube.com/watch?v=mrslKdGEJzw Also, this was posted on another forum, implying the kangaroo in it...
  9. pikachu_electricmouse

    Nom nom!

    Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.
  10. pikachu_electricmouse

    Will the new server have a beefy right arm?

    I am disappointed with the admins and their failure to keep us updated on the status of the new server's single most important appendage.
  11. pikachu_electricmouse

    Okay, who got Digimon in my Slayers!

    Seriously, wtf ever happened to original character design, Japan? That thing looks just like terriermon! (In case you're confused, there's a new Slayers anime out.)
  12. pikachu_electricmouse

    Pixar's "Presto"

    I love this short! http://videolog.uol.com.br/video.php?id=343906
  13. pikachu_electricmouse


    It would be nice to have the following features when browsing: 1. Sort submissions by number of views. 2. Sort submissions by number of favorites. 3. Display the number of pages available and provide a means to jump to a specific page.