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  1. Chobaryu

    $10 Character Badge Special

    First thread here in the BM, so wish me luck! ^v^ I'll make it short and sweet: I want to go to A-Kon Dallas. Bad. I need money to pay for the tickets. I can CG paint. Here's a no BG. And here's one with a BG. $10 base price for a hips-up. Add $5 for a full-body. Add $2 for a simple...
  2. Chobaryu

    Critique and Check this WIP?

    'Ello, all. I'd like to ask for some feedback on a WIP of an Eagle character of mine, a Roman Eagle named Ascanius. New link! This is the second WIP; I'd appreciate feedback on the use of line weight. I've never really done it before, much less like this. And if you see anything that looks...
  3. Chobaryu

    Hello! *waves wing*

    Hello, hello, everyone. ^v^ My name's Chobaryu, though you can call me Chobe or Choba; I answer to all of 'em. I'm glad to be here; really only discovered my Furriness in the past couple of years. Well... Featheriness, I s'pose. xD Hope to get to know some awesome peoples! ^v^