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  1. MakiTakara

    (Commission) Selling: ★★[10$-70$] HQ Digital Art Commissions|NSFW/SFW/Ref sheets/Anthro/Sketches/Fullbodies [OPEN]★★

    Looking for a relatively simple full body nsfw front and back based loosely on some existing art. Your art is beautiful.
  2. MakiTakara

    Hi :D

    In the hour or so I have spent checking out threads, I have seen more "Omg This thread again?" "omg newfag bringing this or that up again" literally more times than I can count. Seems every thread has the exact same posts.
  3. MakiTakara

    Hi :D

    Actually, after reading a few of the stickied threads in the den, it seems everything has already been talked about, and so every new thread is pointless because it has been discussed before :) My time here was short, but I enjoyed the time I spent thinking about how nice it would be to talk...
  4. MakiTakara

    The "Basic" Anthro

    Exactly how do you define "Correct" anyway? A correctly drawn anthropomorphic character is a blank page. They dont exist. It is all imagination. The furry fandom lives off of the art, and that is just what it is... art. You cant tell me art is correct or incorrect.
  5. MakiTakara

    why so many furries gay? xD

    I think Neon Poi has a good point, and in addition, in real life, where can you really find a feminine boy? Yes, they do exist, inb4"omg im a feminine boy"... but testosterone, a key component in the male physical makeup, does not lend itself to femininity. You can be a feminine male online. You...
  6. MakiTakara

    Being A Furry - Annoyed By Furry?

    Made this account specifically to post in this thread... well, primarily... I have been a furry for 7 years, and during that time, I have seen it go from unknown to hated and feared and creepy-feeling instilling. This short story is about my sister. She is an amazing person, who is accepting...
  7. MakiTakara

    Hi :D

    I have known that I am a furry for around 7 years now, and have been hearing about fur affinity for a very long time. I put off signing up many many times over, for what reason? I really dont know. A few months ago I found F-List, and fell in love with it instantly. The F-List chat is down right...