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  1. john_shadowblade

    Table top RPG's online

    Hey guys. it's been quite a while since I posted something like this, but due to issues I'm in the need of people who want to hit up a game of Pathfinder online. I've got 2 games, a steampunk adventure and a sci-fi exploration, you can join up in one or the both of them. Both of which we will be...
  2. john_shadowblade

    Games you can't bare to let people buy?

    Tried to stop a friend from buying Aliens Colonial Marines. Should've listened to me. Poor guy never stood a chance.
  3. john_shadowblade

    Species dysphoria?

    Wait, so you're not all anthropomorphic hybrids trapped in mundane human bodies? I guess once again I'm alone T_T Seriously: I've only vaguely looked into this and I don't personally know of anyone with this. I mean if I could become an anthro fox I'd really consider it, but I have no...
  4. john_shadowblade

    Archeage Beta

    Hey I was wondering if anyone else was going to be in the Archeage beta this weekend.
  5. john_shadowblade

    Skype Pathfinder

    Hey just letting people know we're still accepting new party members for this thing
  6. john_shadowblade

    Starting a Competitive Team Fortress 2 Team

    I can play most classes, but I'm not too good as far as medic goes. I guess if you have to list it though my top three would be sniper, heavy, then engineer. Also I can't guarantee how often I'll be available.
  7. john_shadowblade

    New Pathfinder book out!

  8. john_shadowblade

    Extremely pissed right now...

    Or Ebay. But I don't really get Destiny. It looks like Firefall took the Call of Duty colorscheme and slapped everyone in commercial grade Masterchief armor. And weren't they selling pre-orders to the pre-orders? That's shady as hell right there.
  9. john_shadowblade

    Idea for a furry gaming channel

    What kinda environment are you recording in? Cause you're sounding like you're a bit far from your mic and I'm getting a slight echo. If your environment has a lot of hard, non-porous surfaces around you then you're going to get some off sounds.
  10. john_shadowblade

    Thoughts on the 'AAA' Game Industry?

    The auction house itself I actually kinda liked. Blizzard using it as justification to lock the single player game to their server however deserves all the ire it hath provoked from the masses! The new Everquest is going to be an MMO so you need to be on the server anyway. It's not going out of...
  11. john_shadowblade

    Steam Card Group

    Anything really. If it's got multiplay you can challenge someone.
  12. john_shadowblade

    Steam Card Group

    I don't know if it's ok to put this here, so if not just let me know. Me and a couple guys are trying to start up a gaming group and the ones of us on steam are doing a trading card league. You can challenge other members for cards in their inventory, but if you loose they get to take a card...
  13. john_shadowblade

    collars leashes cat nip laser pointers?

    I can't think of anything special my sona has. The comic I tried making was set in the future so he had some cool tech stuff but he dresses quite normally. I guess that help with feeling closer to my sona.
  14. john_shadowblade

    Public furry places?

    I've actually been wanting to do something like this. Only problem is I don't have the cash. And my area is not furry/nerd/gamer friendly. So I'd need to move first. I've actually been wanting to move to Salt Lake city for a while, think a place like that'd do good there?
  15. john_shadowblade

    Thoughts on the 'AAA' Game Industry?

    When it comes to mobile games I agree with you 100%. When it comes to that mess they were doing in Dead Space 3 I agree 100% as well. But I think there's a space for microtrans when it comes to the free to plays. Dota 2 and TF 2 pretty much prove that. And as far as other ways for developers to...
  16. john_shadowblade

    Religion in the Furry Community

    That's what I believe as well. Of course you'll have the church say "Oh yeah, hey that's us" just to make themselves look better.
  17. john_shadowblade

    Religion in the Furry Community

    I was stuck in one of those private catholic schools where we had uniforms. They tried to ban card games, but with nothing better to do we would just have fights in the playground. They did however end up banning the Harry Potter series as they put it "encourages kids to study and practice...
  18. john_shadowblade

    Religion in the Furry Community

    Those main points would be stuff like don't be a complete ass and stuff in those lines that I can't word the right way right now. Of course I believe the church should follow what they say a bit more in that respect. Also most protestant religions end up tacking on alot of extra stuff. Like one...
  19. john_shadowblade

    Playtest for new RPG

    Hey I just got a link to this from the kind and thoughtful, Kosdu. http://www.evilhat.com/home/dresden-files-accelerated-edition/ I think it looks cool, anyone interested in joining a group for testing or hosting one?
  20. john_shadowblade

    Ever genderbend your 'sona?

    My ex drew mine like that once. (She never posted it or I'd give a link) Looked pretty good to, but that could be just the fact that I love her art. I probably wouldn't actually do that with my sona though.