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  1. J


    Yes, ladies, gentlemen, foxes, wolves, badgers, beavers and whatever other animals people can think of, its now time for the most ironic thread on the internet. I'm getting fat! D: Anyone got any tips for improving fitness levels, and getting muscles? I have really good biceps but i dont know...
  2. J


    I was just wondering whether any of you guys have had a tumour, or know anyone who has had one? When i was 13 i had one that made my knee swell up massively, and i couldnt walk for weeks. It was benine, though, and after an operation I'm fine now. So, anyone else wanna share? EDIT...
  3. J

    Opinions of the forums?

    I just wanted to see what everyone thinks of the forums at this current time. Alot of people seem to be complaining, so i wanted to see how deep this was. Also, I will probably get banned and this thread will be locked, but what the hell. Also, post why you voted for what you did, give...
  4. J


    Ok then, double purpose thread. First - do you believ in hypnotism? Second- Can anyone here hypnotise, or does anyone know any good,free websites that show you how to hypnotise? I want to learn. If anyone wants to offer to teach me, be my guest. PM me. :D Personally, i do believe...
  5. J

    Ears and Tail?

    I was thinkin about making a pair of ears and a tail, but im not sure. Could people post pics of ones they own/made so i can decide whether to make one or not? Thanks ^_^
  6. J

    Hellboy 2? *spoilers possible*

    Thoughts and opinions on it? (i put the spoilers bit in just in case. thought i probably should) I thought it was really cool, better than the last one, anyway. The director was awesome.
  7. J

    Best Quotes?

    lol, just thought I'd make a place where people can shove all their favourite quotes and stuff. People could also probably copy them and shove 'em in ya sigs, so get posting. :P I'll start? "This isn't a dress, it's a robe of the phsychadelic monks!" - Rudy, The mighty Boosh.
  8. J

    Whose line is it anyway?

    Heres a game inspired by that daft improvisation TV show. We have 2 furs having a conversation. but, everyone takes turns to write the next part of the conversation. when you write the next part, though, it has to have a certain theme - for example, star wars, detective film, etc. so, when...
  9. J

    Random and/or pointless facts?

    Lets see who knows the most pointless fact! Apparently, 40,000 oranges sank when the titanic did. Can anyone else beat that in pointlessness?
  10. J

    When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

    Ok, probably a regularly asked question, but never mind. I'll start. I was just searching for cool desktops on google (as you do, i was bored of that damn landscape) and i saw this amazing pic of an anthro wolf. so i checked out the site it was on, thinking, "these are quite cool." then a yiff...
  11. J

    Hey Everyone! :D

    Hi guys.... im new (no sh*t sherlock) and i wanted to say hi.... .... ... so....hi! :oops:[hr]oh, by the way, ive been trying to make a proper FA account, but it says making them is temporarily suspended. anyone know when its gonna be open again?