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  1. 1corinto

    bronze artist challenge~

    All info here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4319413/ See my scraps for examples. There's a little over 20 slots left as of this posting, if you want one. :3 Make sure to respond on that journal, not here! Thank you~
  2. 1corinto

    Fourteen characters in one image - anybody up for it?

    Fourteen total, simple designs, colored, maybe with background. They're characters from a children's book series, so I suppose this counts as fan art -- although there isn't a set design for any of the characters. In fact, only one of them is described in anything remotely resembling detail...
  3. 1corinto

    Design our babby~? ;D

    Oh my goodness so much cute! ;A; Thank you so much!
  4. 1corinto

    Design our babby~? ;D

    Looking for art of a female catwolfhare hybrid type baby/tot/child. One parent is half cat, half wolf; the other is a black-tailed jackrabbit. We don't have a set design yet, I'm afraid. The genes: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7205479/ (old) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7107577/ So...
  5. 1corinto

    Crit my dragon, please? c:

    Oh, wow, I didn't expect such an in depth response! It's a lot to chew on. Thank you so much for taking the time to point me in the right direction! And the links, haha.
  6. 1corinto

    Crit my dragon, please? c:

    Ah yes, yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to get at! Tall, skinny, somewhat curvy things are usually all I draw, I've definitely got a lot of habits to break if I want a real dragon. ;A; Thanks so much! And I seriously appreciate the redline, it's a huge help!
  7. 1corinto

    Crit my dragon, please? c:

    Lumpy is certainly the right word. ^^; I figured big handpawthingies = better for the crushing of mortals and ability to support huge muscles.... sorta. I'm trying for a big, powerhouse, epic sort of dragon. I didn't look at any bird references for this, just horses and lizards. Will definitely...
  8. 1corinto

    Crit my dragon, please? c:

    I'm having trouble getting this dragon to look more like a dragon and less like... I dunno, a fat pegasus with a snake neck? x3 It's messy, but I don't want to move forward with a bad sketch and this guy's been through a tidy few revisions anatomy-wise. Even something like "teh left eye is...
  9. 1corinto

    Taking short story requests ( for free for now) (only taking 2-3 right now)

    Tempting~ free stories = <3! I just don't have a fursona, though, haha. ^^; It's pretty cool that you're doing this, though!
  10. 1corinto

    Request: Would you ink this for me?

    I can do this, if nobody else has volunteered for you.
  11. 1corinto

    Reference sheet please :)

    Street clothes = jeans and a T-shirt. I don't think the OP is looking for anything more specific than that, or they'd have said. OP - may want to put up an age range for the character, whether or not nudity bothers you, that sort of thing. c: I'd give this a shot, only I still have a list from...
  12. 1corinto


    Yesyesyes, everybody you gotta commission this person, she's absolutely fabulous! <33
  13. 1corinto

    Making Keychain Charms; Gimme Some Species!

    Big cats and dogs are popular. Birds not so much, but they're preeeeetty. =3 Also, BUNNIES!
  14. 1corinto

    Open for commissions (slots are open and willing)

    Ah, yes, but you may want to tag them as SFW/NSFW or whatever while you're at it.
  15. 1corinto

    Open for commissions (slots are open and willing)

    I can't see any of your examples; my mature filter is on. Just letting you know!
  16. 1corinto

    Mini Sale!

    Commented on your journal entry. x3 *Total* steal homaigawsh!
  17. 1corinto

    Give me a species to draw

    Rabbits! There simply aren't enough rabbits in the art world. :c
  18. 1corinto

    Wanna practice couples :v

    @skittle - s'long as y'don't mind waiting! 83 @Grandpriest - thanks! :9
  19. 1corinto

    Wanna practice couples :v

    What colors are their eyes? Otherwise, that'll do! ^^
  20. 1corinto

    Wanna practice couples :v

    Tis no problem at all~ 83 and now you mention it, black dress + black fur is kinda overload... o.o so nice to know at least one of us is thinking ahead, hehe x3 Thanks for the pic ref, I can do something like that fo' sho'!