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  1. Inpw


    Why? No seriously, Why? Furries tend to treat it like the international handshake and causes weird awkward moments for the most part. I'm not a big hugger, hell the only people I hug is my close family and loved ones and even that tends sometimes gets over passed. We had a little furmeet...
  2. Inpw

    Franky the Fox

    So I'm getting the tools together for finally building a fursuit for Inpw (Anpu) but first... I found this gem on some online store. A mass produced fox head created by Thumbsup UK ltd called mr. Fox. So I decided to make a drunken character out of him called Franky the Fox. Not the best...
  3. Inpw

    Scientologists in South-Africa

    Last week I was heading out of the office to buy some food and on my way walking to the shop I saw some scientologists handing out flyers on drug usage or something. I've never seen them before and struggled to refrain from shouting "Cult" "Xenu" "DC8 spaceships" etc... They were there again...
  4. Inpw

    The worst realization ever.

    This is not acceptable. Please society we need to amend this urgently! AC/DC - Highway to Hell. 4 million youtube views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l482T0yNkeo Psy - Gangnam style. Over 2 Billion youtube views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 WTF happened? Did I miss a...
  5. Inpw

    Eddie Redmayne closet furry.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btUx3gb0-FE 0:53 yup it is not his fault. XD
  6. Inpw

    64bit DAWs Headache.

    Reason for this post is the numerous people coming to me after purchasing the 64bit edition of Ableton live 9 and Logik without doing proper research on its compatibility with their add ins and whatnot. So i decided to say this out load rather. So it looks like FL studio is also now in the...
  7. Inpw

    Choice and Chance

    An interesting topic I had the opportunity to recently discuss among some awesome thinking people. The conversation however is as ongoing as any unknown in the scientific community. It kinda seems like a simple question but when put to the test in any model, choice and chance just doesn't seem...
  8. Inpw

    I'm done. Just done.

    So I found this group online out of searches for world maps: http://theflatearthsociety.org/forum/ Yeah that's it. Real people coming up with pseudo science and philosophies that the earth is actually flat. So I registered for the fuck of it and has been classified as a rounder lol and this is...
  9. Inpw

    Rollie coasters.

    Awesome new sim coming out for coaster nerds such as myself. Been building NL coasters since 2002 and is eagerly awaiting the 2nd instalments' release. Excellent development team with high respect from many leading engineering companies. Check out this Podcast from Tom where they discuss the...
  10. Inpw

    Some deep house and Stuff.

    Yup I'm new to the site and needs some criticism, I'm kinda into music production and was wondering if any of you guys/gals can share any thoughts on some of the tracks I've been working on. I'm still a tad newish to music scoring and mastering my own stuff in general but would love to see some...
  11. Inpw


    Hello. I'm the new Anubian Jackal thing here. Just Popping in to introduce myself. :D