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  1. Mem

    my first time suiting

    Had a lot of fun suiting at Mid Ohio Comic Con the other day. It was my first time going out to a public event. thankfully i'd read the advice on this board and had a handler with me. I could see fairly good but I would of bumped into a lot more people if I hadn't him to follow, also there were...
  2. Mem

    more 'real'?

    after a long time of drawing I just started sketching again tonight. I've done a couple sketches in photoshop 7 tonight, and to me they just look flat? Any pointers on how to get their shapes more 'real'/3d? I'm not very computer savvy and still trying to figure out how to even work photoshop...
  3. Mem

    might be a silly question?

    Seeing some of the awesome art has inspired me to create some of my own. I dont think I'm a bad drawer, however for trying to draw in photoshop.. well kinda looks sketchyish like a kindergartner did it. I don't have a scanner so its all I can do right now? Is there any easier way to get more...
  4. Mem

    brand new

    Hello everyone, please bear with me I'm completely new to all of this. I've been interested in the furry community for a couple years now, but it all seems a bit overwhelming. So i've mostly been doing a lot of from the outside looking in. Its been the past few months that I've decided to go...