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  1. GrimnCoyote

    Easy-Times RP Recruitment

    Good evening ladies and gents, I'm GrimnCoyote. I am a moderator in the roleplay group known as Easy-Times and currently we are sniffing out new members. Now you may be asking yourself "what is Easy-Times", well my friend the answer is simple. Easy-Times or ET for short is a discord server...
  2. GrimnCoyote

    Advertising My Comic Strip Coverta Hyena

    Coverta Hyena comic recounting the weird and often wacky life of a anthropomorphic hyena and the strange individuals around her. It is currently in it's infancy at the moment and the older pages are a lot less pretty on the art side but plans are set for crazy events to happen on a biweekly...
  3. GrimnCoyote

    TheThirdLight OOC Lounge

    A place for OOC and anything else pertaining TheThirdLight RP.
  4. GrimnCoyote

    TheThirdLight [Season 1, Open]

    The Plot Alkatran, a planet where both organic and machine like matter make up the planet. Our journey starts on the brink of war between the kingdoms of Triptomus and Acrios. Acrios's power hungry leader Siless wishes to take over the rival kingdom to strengthen his iron grip over the land...
  5. GrimnCoyote

    The first chapter of my gay romance story

    Calming the Blood of a Warrior, a furry action gay romance story - GrimnCoyote - Wattpad This took about a day to create the cover art and write the first chapter so tell me what you think.I plan on updating it either once or twice a week depending on my mood.
  6. GrimnCoyote

    Partners needed for a couple RPs

    Hi this is my first first time posting to the RP section and I have a few ideas. Please message me if your interested and we can schedule a time. 1 Setting: Post Apocalyptic Situation: The world has gone to hell, no ones safe as a zombie plague infects what was once or planet. You have been...
  7. GrimnCoyote

    Critique: Critique Wanted - Furry,Fantasy,Body Swap Novel

    Zack's Quest Chapter One Zack a very isolated person, he doesn't enjoy parties, large dinners, or even small get together, opting to spend his weekends alone watching movies and playing video games and thats the way he likes it. Unfortunately for him a freak accident sends him to a fantasy...