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  1. Macrofurry_Writer

    Brony seeking the rare human capable artist (budget 20-40 USD)

    Hello. Yes I know this is a furry site but I also kmow there are talented human subject artists too. I am seeking a piece for Macro March of 2 slender build human characters I have in my arsenal of characters. Both will be fully clothed so don't you worry SFW only artists. :D If interested...
  2. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Artist new to the visual medium seeks clients (1-3 slots avalible, prices start at 50 USD)

    Hey there, so I am looking to expand into the visual medium of commissioning. My prices start at 50 USD, though due to my not so great setup I won't be able in all likelihood to do things past say flat colors. I have 1 to 4 slots ready and am willing to do most anything, though would prefer...
  3. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Seeking new clients! (Target price 100 to 200 USD in total)

    Hello. I had a client lose interest in me after pulling my leg for days on end. (And his asskissing friends bullying me to top off the shit cake) I need a client to pay a bill. (If you can't tolerate this, then sit down, shut up and if you post something counterproductive to my search for a...
  4. Macrofurry_Writer

    Seeking partners for a royal pony RP (18+ partners only)

    Hello. I am seeking long term, story focused RP capable partners who are willing to RP a scenario involving the cast of royal anthro ponies I RP as. They are sizeshifters and yes, macro and micro will be involved. While I'd prefer human partners I wouldn't say no to other species. Just ask and...
  5. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Writing commissioner seeks 175 for virus related bills

    I am seeking people interested in having a story written. I have up to 2 slots avalible though if I don't reach my target of 175 USD due to bills in one to 2 slots I might open one or two more. I don't want it to come to that. Please PM if you want to see an example of my past work, etc.
  6. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: Macro pony seeks macro art (ideal price of 25 to 60 USD)

    Hey there. I am seeking an artist who is fine with macro and can draw two pudgy/chubby figured, speedo clad ponies on a contintent in some manner (likely sunbathing but we'll see) Ideally I'd like to keep things cheapish around 25 to 60 USD. If interested PM me.
  7. Macrofurry_Writer

    EMERGENCY, URGENT. Story commission clients needed ASAP.

    I was hopeful to sell my laptop to pay rent for the month but since the business wouldn't take it, I ran deeper in the hole. I am.seeking story clients ASAP. Willing to write a wide variety of things. If interested or want to see an example, please reply here or PM me. Not going to post a price...
  8. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling old sona art (15-30 USD)

    Hello. I am now seeking a new home for my old sona. Base price is 15 to 30 USD.
  9. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Seeking commissions to help pay bills (Average price $15-25/1k)

    Hello. I am seeking clients for story commissions. My prices start at an average of 15 to 25 USD but as I have a bill I need to pay I am negotiable. If interested in this, please PM me or reply.
  10. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: Seeking a bang for the buck colored bust of my Changeling OC. (Budget of $10)

    Yep. I'm seeking those willing to do a colored art of a bust shot of my Commander Changeling (MLP species) OC. My max budget is (ideally) 10 USD. But I might be convinced to go a tad more. We'll see. If this interests you please reply here.
  11. Macrofurry_Writer

    Hiring: Seeking colored digital art of a giantess lizard

    Good early morning. I am seeking someone willing to do a digital (ideally flat color as those run more affordable though for the right price* I might want it shaded) piece of art involving my gigantic lizard lady. If this interests you, please PM me so we can get Discords exhanged and the...
  12. Macrofurry_Writer


    I'm now in a bind and need to pay a kate phone bill as I have been disconnected and shoved onto my roommates WiFi. I am seeking at least 135 if not 150 USD to cover a meal while I work on your story commission. If interested in a longer story and want examples PM me.
  13. Macrofurry_Writer

    Seeking commissions for rent ASAP.

    I am in a sticky wicket. I need commissions for paying my rent for this month, obviously more than 5 dollars. My prices are flexible but I'd prefer clients who can pay up for a longer story OR a shorter story for less but with the promise of more clients. If interested or want examples...
  14. Macrofurry_Writer

    Macro story RPer seeking 18+ players for a size RP

    Hello. I am seeking literate story capable smut willing 18+ aged RPers for a RP involving various macro and micro sizes except plausible. Player must be ok with originally itertwined canons and original characters used by me. If interested please note or PM me.
  15. Macrofurry_Writer

    Writer seeking artist willing to draw macro! (Up to 40 US$ budget)

    I am looking to hire someone willing to draw and color my gigantic story character in his two forms, human and dragon together in one drawing. My budget is 40 USD. If interestes, note me on my FA or PM me here.
  16. Macrofurry_Writer

    Seeking a story client

    I am seeking a story client for 75 dollars. I am a semi experienced, 2 years to be exact, artist willing to write most things. If interested please PM me!
  17. Macrofurry_Writer

    Selling off an old character and ref sheet!

    I'm selling off an out of date and no longer accurate to whom my character is body figure wise ref sheet. You can change what you want once you get it. Ideal price is 30 USD. If interested please PM/note me!
  18. Macrofurry_Writer

    Story for art.

    Hello. I'm willing to do a story in trade for a piece of my alt universe chubby giant version of Jake Long in his mid 20's. If interested please get in touch via notes or on Discord: TitanicJakeLong#2033
  19. Macrofurry_Writer

    Seeking clients ASAP

    Seeking clients for food ASAP. I have two options. 1. A pair of slots for 20 dollars each. 2. A mini art slave option of 2 stories for 35 dollars. If intterested reply, note me on FA or contact me on these: Telegram: Macrofurry Discord: TitanicJakeLong#2033 Kik: MacroStory
  20. Macrofurry_Writer

    Selling story slots!

    I'm now selling at most two slots for a story commission as I need funds for rent, phone and food for the month urgently. My prices start at 40 USD for the pair of slots or 80 for those willing to pay it. If interested please reply here or on my Telegram @MacroFurry