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  1. Jazz Panther

    RP'ing again

    A couple months ago, I did an RP. I loved it, so I decided that I would wait a while and try it again. I'll just copy my guidelines from my previous thread: Anybody is allowed in this, but the setting has to remain fairly constant. If you want, you can move the setting to another place, so long...
  2. Jazz Panther

    Anybody want to join a furry group on Skype?

    I'm trying to form a group of furries on Skype, but...the group is kind of dead at the moment. There's only five people (including myself) in the group at the moment, but nobody is really that energetic or talkitive besides me. I really want to get this group going so that I can feel more like a...
  3. Jazz Panther

    Centaurs, anybody?

    Who here likes centaurs, actually, just _____-taurs in general? I know I do. Oh, what's that? Some of you don't know what a taur is? Here's a good example... (image by TyVulpine) It's half anthro, and half regular (feral). It's got four legs, and two arms. the back-half is usually part of...
  4. Jazz Panther

    Furries on Skype, anybody?

    I have kind of wanted to have a group of furries to talk to on Skype for a while now, but so far, that hasn't gone anywhere. So-o-o-o-o-o, where else could I adverti-, I mean ask if other furries would like to join me on Skype than on here? -Oh, hold on there. There is a slight catch to this...
  5. Jazz Panther

    R.P. anybody?

    Anybody is allowed in this, but the setting has to remain fairly constant. The setting is in the suburbs of Chicago in the early 2000s. If you want, you can move the setting to any place in the United States, so long as the transition is smooth and thought out. I want to have some fun with my...
  6. Jazz Panther

    Any Inflation furries here?

    Is there anybody on here, representing the inflation fetish area of the fandom? I want to know if there is anybody in the forums who also likes inflation.
  7. Jazz Panther

    Greetings from ________________ . (place)

    Where are you all from? I just want to know what the demographics are like here in the forums. Greetings from West-Central Illinois.
  8. Jazz Panther

    Animitronic suit

    Ever since I joined FA in early 2014, I have been interested in the fur suiting community and, I have been wanting to make a fur suit since 2010. Anyways, enough backstory. My main problem with getting a fur suit though, besides the price of it, was that I didn't know what I wanted. I don't...
  9. Jazz Panther

    Hello fellow furries

    I created my FurAffinity account a few years ago, and I'm just now getting set up with the forums. Out of shear irony, the whole idea was that I was trying to meet other furries, and...eh, I had some success with it, but...I wasn't satisfied. So I semi shut-down my account, and left to focus...