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  1. Babybear_Di

    20$ Fullshade character!!

    So i have an emergency and open slots for fast commissions like that one. It can be: antro/feral/humans, stuff, plants etc. It can't be: mecha NSFW are ok. Check my gallery for more
  2. Babybear_Di

    Help whith prising pls

    My friend whant to sell his art. And I agreed to help him with English. But when it comes to evaluation, I don't want to be biased: Each drawing takes 2-4 hours. How much money would you spend on such a drawing?
  3. Babybear_Di

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Photobased auc ($ 10-85)

    Hi everyone!I'm here to show u my new stylized ych: SB 10$ for single character (+100% for second one) MB: 5 $ AB: 45$ AB for both:85$ Your oun photo interior can be used for a little extra Payment whith PayPal.me www.furaffinity.net: YCH reminder by BabybearDi
  4. Babybear_Di

    What i can do here?

    Hi everybody,here is an artist illustrator Di(Dee ) I came here from the FA gallery to talk with more experienced furry-artists and show my drawing to more people. Tell me what you usually do here?Do you know a suitable place for me?