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  1. Vær

    Melancholic Musical Playlist

    I've been doing quite well for a good while now. There are some of those on here who made it that way so I extend a hearty thank you to these folks. Although hanging in there I'm in a constant battle with my mind and thoughts. It doesn't make it easier when I'm surrounded by silence while...
  2. Vær

    Calm down. Don't get your panties in a twist.

    Not sure if people have seen it yet. If you're a fan of Screw Attack's Death Battle then you may, or rather should, know of One Minute Melee. So...with that said I just wanted to share it for those who haven't seen it. Here's a box of tissues. Enjoy. FuzzyPantsFeelingsForYou
  3. Vær

    WE NEED THE DOCTOR!!! Robots are taking over Silicon Valley!

    Not really....but I did come across this the other day: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/11/18/crime-fighting-robots-go-on-patrol-in-silicon-valley-k5-knightscope-mountain-view-stacy-stephens-autonomous-security-guard/ Apparently the Silicon Valley has just dispatched these strange little...
  4. Vær

    I finalized my Fursona!!!

    Name: Vær Tåbelige (Vay-air Toe-blee) Species: Asiatic Brush-Tailed Porcupine Age: Looks about Mid 20's Star Sign: Cancer-Dragon Sex: Male Orientation: Asexual/Genderqueer Height: 5'9" Weight: 165lbs. History: Vær is a young looking porcupine adult who is still figuring himself out. He's...
  5. Vær

    He...hello! Nice to make all of your acquaintance!

    Well, hmm....I'm completely new to the Fandom and I just started to accept my Furry side. Please treat me well! I'll start of with some likes and dislikes. Some likes include: Dessert, Books, Stationary, and Boxes. Dislikes: Watermelons, Cucumbers, Public Bathrooms, and incorrect...