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  1. MaelstromEyre

    [POLL]Has the fandom changed in worse or in better over the years?

    Dang, where have I been. . .guess I ran in different online circles all this time. :)
  2. MaelstromEyre

    Considering Moving to a Small Town

    I live about 30-40 minutes from an actual city. Some suburbs are crawling in our direction but my home is surrounded by farmland. Hayfields, beanfields, cornfields and cow pasture. My closest neighbor is 100 yards away. We don't have a ton of acreage but it's enough to be quiet. The actual...
  3. MaelstromEyre

    [POLL]Has the fandom changed in worse or in better over the years?

    Totally off the topic but this is the first time I've heard "meatspace" used to describe real-life world stuff and I'm dying. Thank you for that.
  4. MaelstromEyre

    Being furry and introvert

    YOU could say that, because it's becoming clear that you don't actually understand introvert/extrovert/ambivert and you're confusing them with being socially anxious versus completely unfiltered. I am an introvert. I am comfortable in my own company, I don't feel a drive to be social. I'm...
  5. MaelstromEyre

    [POLL]Has the fandom changed in worse or in better over the years?

    I don't know if the community is better or worse. A little of each in different areas, I guess. Seeing anyone defend sex criminals of any kind within the fandom is a bit unnerving, especially to those who are survivors of that kind of crime. Sometimes pushing to accept or welcome a few...
  6. MaelstromEyre

    Roleplay Preferences

    I try to match with the person I'm RPing with. If they have longer posts, I will have longer posts as well. If there are several characters involved, I prefer shorter posts because otherwise it takes too long for everyone to write - and that's not counting the people who "got distracted" doing...
  7. MaelstromEyre

    How does one go about getting an anthro species out there?

    I'd say you're likely to generate the most interest in the species by having art of them, stories about them, etc. Is this something you want to promote so that other people will want characters of that species as well?
  8. MaelstromEyre

    Favorite Disney Animal Movies

    Same, I was kind of disappointed in Zootopia. The animal-based humor was fun (sloths at the DMV, etc) but seeing it once was enough. Especially the theme song.
  9. MaelstromEyre

    Weird/unusual stories about your family’s history?

    Not super unusual, I guess, but my great aunt was born on the boat from Europe. That side of the family is Polish and fled the country prior to WW2.
  10. MaelstromEyre

    How Open Are You Being A Furry (New Fur Help)

    Just open about it on the Internet. I may have little hints about it in my RL, things that other furries might recognize, but I don't outwardly say "I am a furry" to people in my real life.
  11. MaelstromEyre

    Trying to make a hybrid sona! [Hybrid sonas plz share your combos!]

    Maelstrom is an Akhlut, which is technically it's own species (creature of Inuit mythology) but it's sort of a combination of a wolf and a killer whale.
  12. MaelstromEyre

    Romance and sexuality: How do you handle them?

    I am not super romantic, in the sense of being really into "doing romantic things" like candle lit dinners and holding hands. But, I also have to have some kind of affection and feelings for someone in order to be sexually interested in them as well. I'm not someone who forms relationships...
  13. MaelstromEyre

    Last movie you watched!

    It's nothing new, but the last movie I watched was Aliens (the second of the franchise). Always been a favorite of mine, Bill Paxton's character is so quotable. . .
  14. MaelstromEyre

    Would you like to have breasts?

    I know, right? NOT wearing a bra at work or running errands is not an option. . .but as soon as I can take the bra off and let the girls air out. . .that's how I roll.
  15. MaelstromEyre

    What magical ability or item does your fursona have if any

    Mael can shift form from landwalking anthro wolf to merfur (she is an Akhlut, an orca/wolf). She also wears an amulet that some believe would allow others to shift form if they wear it. She does not give it away freely, though.
  16. MaelstromEyre

    Would you like to have breasts?

    They're really overrated and not as much fun when you've had them for decades. Plus, boob sweat.
  17. MaelstromEyre


    I have both Discord and Telegram. I am in a number of Telegram chats for specific artists, as a way to keep up with what art they're working on, or announcements about available commission spots or YCHs. I'm also in a few general Furry chats, though I really don't participate often enough to...
  18. MaelstromEyre

    Vent Thread

    Nabisco sucks. They are skimping on the cream of my Double Stuf Oreo cookies. I mean, there was as much cream in them as the ORIGINAL Oreo cookies used to have. The original Oreo Double Stuf cookies were big, fat things. Sigh.
  19. MaelstromEyre

    What is a fursona to you?

    My fursona started out as a RP character with a lot of similarities to me, and eventually became a character that I identify closely with and consider my anthropomorphic version. She combines aspects of my RL personality and interests with characteristics that I wish I had more of, and in some...
  20. MaelstromEyre

    What business or interesting jobs do you have

    I am a machine operator in a commercial bakery. I operate one of the machines that packages the food items. I actually DO like the work - the machines are older and more mechanical, and I like the challenge of trying to get all the things adjusted "just right" so that it runs smoothly.