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  1. ash♤Feliz

    switch vs switch lite

    look there a lot of games I want to play on the switch but I don't know if should get the normal switch or the lite. can I get some help figuring this out?
  2. ash♤Feliz

    Hiring: Looking for artists ($67)

    Just like the tile said I'm looking for artists draw my other sonas as i feel like i got enough art of my bird for now. looking for people are familiar or want to try drawing a monkey sona, ampwave sona and Chinese dragon.
  3. ash♤Feliz

    Recommended cyberpunk games on pc?

    So lately i really been in a cyberpunk mood and i was hoping to have some recommendations on good cyberpunk games on pc.
  4. ash♤Feliz

    Vibrant paints for denim.

    So I'm going to rework on my denim jacket and i decided to go with synth style for it but i don't know any good bright or vibrant paints. so what im asking is, does anyone know good denim paint that is bright or vibrant.
  5. ash♤Feliz

    Any good Rpg/jrpg on xbox one?

    So i just got xbox one and wanted to know if there any good rpgs or jrpg on it i should know about.
  6. ash♤Feliz

    Favourite fighting game character.

    Not that many people know but I'm a huge fan of fighting games when i was a kid and even to this very day, and one of reason way is the character's, fighting games has the best character in my opinion and i want to hear other furrys favourite fighting character and why.
  7. ash♤Feliz

    Fighting games mix

    So Terry bogard is coming to smash and i can't be more HYPE for it, I decide to go to my comic shop every Sunday and play Capcom vs snk 2 arcade they got there until terry come outs, I plaing to make a playlist with music that will get me put me in the zone. I'm hoping that you guys can give...
  8. ash♤Feliz

    Your fursona Super moves

    Ok this is pretty simple but fun, if your fursona was in a fighting game what would be theirs supermove be? Extra points for naming your super moves.
  9. ash♤Feliz

    Jacket art, enter the dragon

    So i believe i should post this there but I'm not sure, please let know if it not. But on to the mean thing i would like to share what i just finish up, a character portrait of my dragon fursona on my new jacket, i been really wanted to do something like for a while.
  10. ash♤Feliz

    Hiring: Looking for any kind of art ($7) close

    So a artist that i commission got hurt and is trying to recover. I got refunded so am looking to spend it on any kind of art that is willing to be made of my bird.
  11. ash♤Feliz

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: giving up some fursonas ( for $5)

    I got a few fursonas that can't keep must longer. i want to find them a good home. I'm selling them for 5 USA dollars. Maxie, he has few arts that come with him.www.furaffinity.net: Maxie ref by crazyjackal23 Nero: www.furaffinity.net: Nero, DJ of the Fire Garden Club by crazyjackal23 Johnny...
  12. ash♤Feliz

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Eastern dragon For Sale

    so I found this awesome base of an eastern dragon and I find it pretty fun thinking of color palettes for it but I don't really want to simply throw away. So I decided to sell them then I make them. Right now I got two for sale for $ 20. I also thought of if anyone wants one with a certain color...
  13. ash♤Feliz

    Request: Pride month

    So it june again, a month where we take in and show our pride to world. So i wonder if could get a drawing of my fursona showing off our pride in being bisexul on my fur affinity by puting it on profile ID.
  14. ash♤Feliz

    Nero, DJ of the Fire Garden Club

    So I was having a bit of insomnia last night and it was getting on my nerves so I decided to listen to some songs from Carpenter Brut and LazerHawk. While listening, I was hit with an idea for a character. So I present you, Nero, DJ of the Fire Garden Club. I'm still working on his backstory...
  15. ash♤Feliz

    is there furmeets in or around Santa Rosa CA

    I used to go to Fresno furmeets and it was petty fun to hang out with other furries. So I was wondering if there a furmeet in or around Santa Rosa CA.
  16. ash♤Feliz

    are there sloths fursonas?

    So I don't if I should post is here or somewhere else but I'm really curious about this, are there sloth fursonas? I mean there most likely is but so far I haven't seen any.
  17. ash♤Feliz

    Hiring: looking for an icon (CLOSE)

    hey there, I'm looking for someone to do an icon of my bird, Ash. I got round 28 dollars on me. art by mgmrkatze
  18. ash♤Feliz

    Hiring: looking for a artist ( Closed )

    so I just watch the Borderlands 3 reveal trailer and I'm so hype for it that I looking for someone to draw my fursona as a vault hunter. willing to pay around 20 to 50 dollars
  19. ash♤Feliz

    looking for friends to play league of legends with.

    looking for some friends to play league of legends with. i'm still new to the game just started too but doing my best to improve. i'm not looking to be a competitive player, just want to have fun with the game and the people.
  20. ash♤Feliz

    castle ivory ( adult like DnD rp on discord )

    there is a legend of a castle that lays in a dark and hunted forest that is a home to terrible and terrifying beast's. the castle that that lies within in the forest, houses many kinds of monsters and other horrifying creatures that has terrify many villages and cites that has been left in ruins...