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  1. pheonix

    Megaplex Friends!

    My plans kinda fell through, but I'm hoping I make it there tomorrow. Megaplex is an awesome con and gets so much bigger every year. The only thing I hate is this is florida and it's summer...my god fursuiting is exhausting during this part of the year. Lol they always have awesome special...
  2. pheonix

    What video game are you playing...

    Right now I'm playing fallout 4, assassin's creed origins, gems of war, and occasionally sea of thieves. Kinda dropped out of overwatch and fortnite, but do go back to them from time to time.
  3. pheonix

    Need a room for megaplex

    So I finally got my vacation request approved at work only to find out all the rooms at the hotel are already booked. Looking for anyone who has space friday to sunday at the con hotel. Haven't got to go in 2 years so really don't want to miss another one. Message me and lets talk some business.
  4. pheonix

    What's your job?

    I'm a manager at a pet store. Retail is pretty horrible but they pay pretty well. Never realized how lazy people are till I started working there. Instead of doing research on an animal they want they get it, find out how hard it is to take care of it, then want to get rid of it. Someone left a...
  5. pheonix

    Megaplex 2018 anyone?

    I'll be going this year as i've missed the passed 2 sadly. As for the social anxiety, I usually hit up the game room. You can meet tons of people there and have a good time. I've met lots of furs in con game rooms and even came close to winning some of the tournaments. It's the perfect ice...
  6. pheonix

    Furries and responsability, etc

    Not shy, awkward. The inappropriate touching really aggravates me. Seems furries think crotch grouping is a handshake. :/
  7. pheonix

    Furries and responsability, etc

    Oh boy does it. I meet plenty of people outside the fandom and I rarely come across what I do with furries. Might be just a Florida thing. lol
  8. pheonix

    Furries and responsability, etc

    So co-organizing a tri county group of furs, I noticed something that tends to happen more often then not. Furries of varying ages that live with their parents and don't have jobs, or just mooch off of others. Is this a normal fandom thing? I know sometimes we need help in our lives, but to...
  9. pheonix

    Would you date/marry an anthro?

    I wouldn't marry under any circumstance. It just makes everything a lot more complicated then it needs to be. If we're talking about leaving the paperwork and government out, I'm down for a shindig for love.
  10. pheonix

    so...maybe this means something.

    My family crest has deer on it...I hate deer. :/ I'm a fox cause I didn't want to be creative with my first character.
  11. pheonix

    Bug/Site Problem: SSL Certificate just expired / No image displayed

    Things are loading pretty randomly right now, but it seems like it's slowly coming back.
  12. pheonix

    Do you feel you've "matured" as a furry?

    I know I have matured a lot since the first time I set foot into the internet world and found this ever wonderful fandom. I had lots of fun here scrabbling at people about this and that, but now it's more out in the real world experiences I have. I remember first coming here and thinking "holy...
  13. pheonix

    Furries not successful in life?

    I know tons of very successful furs just in my local area. Honestly there's the regular amount of low, mid, and upper class people in this community as in others. The question should be "I'm a furry and why am I not successful?"
  14. pheonix

    To the message you left me many months ago, it's because I used to be here everyday way back...

    To the message you left me many months ago, it's because I used to be here everyday way back when before this place got boring.
  15. pheonix

    What's your neighbourhood like

    I can describe my neighborhood in one word, ghetto.
  16. pheonix

    Being suid for texting a driver

    Well I guess we should be glad that they have better tasting coffee nowadays. lmao Maybe it wasn't the same case or maybe it just got really moving. I just saw it 2 days ago on the news. I think they where trying to get media publicity to get a better chance at winning. That plan might've...
  17. pheonix

    Being suid for texting a driver

    I would slightly agree if they where actually talking on the phone and not just texting, but still once again it falls in the drivers hands to not answer the phone till they got to their destination.
  18. pheonix

    Being suid for texting a driver

    Good to hear it was dropped. This would've caused a shitstorm all over the country. lol
  19. pheonix

    Being suid for texting a driver

    The girl did know he was driving, but it's the responsibility of the driver not to open the message till they where out of the car. It most likely will be dismissed but if it doesn't then people are gonna go on a suing spree trying to get the same outcome this couple would get. And still I...
  20. pheonix

    Megaplex Convention

    I went last year and there wasn't too many attendees. (around 400 or so) Last years theme was retro arcade so most of the time I was playing games or hanging out with friends in there room drinking and whatnot. For a first con it was fun but after going to others it's one I easily cut out to go...