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  1. Blutide

    Can I ask (gay) dating advice here?

    ^ This and just say you have feelings for each other......it doesn't have to be anything more than that just yet.
  2. Blutide

    Are humans useful to earth at all?

    I love how you all respond, thinking this will change my mind. Environment kills us, yeah that's nature no getting around it. Humans on earth, Meh we don't matter at all and as I last posted, we will destroy ourselves and most the environment too. The bomb may have been an unfortunate example to...
  3. Blutide

    Are humans useful to earth at all?

    We self-destruct more violently than other races. As much good as you people are trying to find, we are just as destructive. Oh, here is the end of my argument : 57,000,000 tons of TNT. http://youtu.be/LxD44HO8dNQ We created this out of fear, hate, and the thought that this and other devices...
  4. Blutide

    What are some species stereotypes?

    Tiger dragons have weird jaws.
  5. Blutide

    Sex and furries; How did this happen?

    Some weird shit happens when you just get locked up in a basement.
  6. Blutide

    Why do we wear?

    I dress in clothes that are comfortable, and if I was going to wear my stuff. It's my ears, tails, my gloves, and feet. I wear everything else as my clothes and just my stuff is on that. I don't know if that makes sense.
  7. Blutide

    Things you believe that would appall others?

    I am not sure if I have responded here before, but here is what I believe. There is no God. We should beat our children, when they are out of line. I hate assholes that still say Faggot, fag, and any other version of that word. It still hurts to hear those words, shut the fuck up already its...
  8. Blutide

    Are humans useful to earth at all?

    Yeah, no. But your opinion is noted.
  9. Blutide

    Are humans useful to earth at all?

    Is cancer useful? The earth would be better off without us. Not being dark, its just the truth.
  10. Blutide


    6'3" here.
  11. Blutide

    What is it to be gay/transgender

    Not sure I understand the nature of the question, but here it goes. Other than people saying," YOUR GAY? NO WAY " or how ever they phrase that when you talk about it finally. It's not really any different than the "straight" world in respects of living and working for me. As far as finding a...
  12. Blutide

    MegaUpload shut down by US officials; piracy laws

    If only our government saw it that way.
  13. Blutide

    MegaUpload shut down by US officials; piracy laws

    Not really surprised by this, and honestly do any of you think that they have to pass something for something they want to be done?
  14. Blutide

    Has society degraded

    Yeah I have heard about these kids, and I have seen some shit here in Philadelphia. Honestly, its horrible that it has turned into this...But at the same time, have you read youtube comments? That should answer your question about society, and as for standards in society.....no one has personal...
  15. Blutide

    When is lying ok?

    My problem is, that even thou I am mostly neutral toward people.....I don't like to see them in pain. My stupid heart sometimes beats my brain and just says " be nice". Even if I know that they should know the truth....it is not out of ill-intent I do it....but hey path to hell and all that...
  16. Blutide

    Like people for their qualities...

    I am a little hard on hearing....but that's all I really want to share online. ( That and I guess that I will admit to being a little shy online. )
  17. Blutide

    What are you doing right now?

    Surfing mindlessly online while hanging around this website. Honestly I am just afraid to be here....I want to make more friends but I am not so sure if I want to...But I still hold up hope that I can make more friends within this fandom. I am searching to see if anyone near philly shares my...
  18. Blutide

    When is lying ok?

    I agree with this.