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    http://thekingoflimbs.com/ Ta-dah!
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    But mai peepee hurtz owie -.-
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    Christianity Seduction?

    I used to be a Christian, then felt like it was all a hoax. But apparently Jesus DID exist, and DID say an awful lot of nice things about people, I feel torn as to what is the right way to live. Should I work to have my moral standards more transparent and fixed along popular guidelines or just...
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    Llama Appreciation Thread!

    If you know a llama, then you should know how they deserve lots of hugs and nice things! So whether their name has three letters or a gajazillion, reach out to a llama today, shake their hoof, brush their fur, or maybe give 'em some ice cream. :)
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    If You Could Make A Prescription Pill, What Would The Name And Function Be?

    Mine would be called 'Ambifrol,' and it would make you able to jump a few inches higher than normal over an eight hour period.
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    Do You Cry When You've Hurt Someone Emotionally And Didn't Mean To?

    Often times, when it seems I inadvertently pushed someone away, it ruins my whole night. I stay up late, even if I had something important to do tomorrow morning. If I have the money and opportunity and it's REALLY bad, I'll drink, sometimes hit myself maybe to get it through my head to stop...
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    Band Breakups (You wish hadn't happened)

    The White Stripes. Just fucking happened. :/
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    Where's My Chip-Chip?

    This thread is for fans of Tim and Eric, either through Tom Goes to the Mayor, Awesome Show Great Job, or even the internet shorts and music videos and commercials they've done. My favorite Tim and Eric bits are the Kidz break songs, and then in second place is the 'I wanna be touched' song.
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    Don't Dream It's Over

    I just got done watching all 2800 minutes of The Larry Sanders Show. What started out being merely funny and a scathing satire of Hollywood and show business politics, turned into an involving character driven series, with resolutions that mostly came before each episode was over but they were...
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    People We Love To HATE

    I'll start this off with good old Kanye West. While I'm a fan of his music and the way he lays himself on the train tracks for anyone who cares to pay attention, it seems a majority (or at least more outspoken) group loves to make jokes about his ego and apparent stupidity. There will be a day...
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    Last Non-Porno Movie/Youtube Vid/Cartoon/Tv Show To Give You A Hard-On

    The Pokemon Tv show. Don't ask me why.
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    If You Could Have Been Born In Any Country Besides Your Own....

    Which one would you choose? I think it would have been nice to be born in Japan, or Canada.
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    Furry Sites/Forums that this forum is better than.

    Furry2furry.com for sure. This place is much better moderated, even with a much bigger board. :D
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    The Self-Fulfilling Prophet

    Let's try this again. I'm new to this forum, but not to forums in general. You can call me Plato, atheist, retard, or Matthew, but never Matt. If you couldn't tell by now, my self-esteem is lower than negative infinity. Still, I'd really like some friends, people to talk to who aren't...