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  1. Recel

    Backward progress

    About a month ago, I started to draw again. I knew I would be rusty, things wouldn't come out how they should, but I also thought I'll get the hang of it again and start making progress. Problem is, I didn't. So much in fact, I seem to draw worse than a month ago. I try to do some gesture...
  2. Recel

    Recels digital sketchbook

    Well, I guess I should get started. I don't have a scanner any more, nor a camera, so this will be all digital work. I haven't drawn much at all the past years, so it's quite hard to get back into shape. Also this means I don't have all that much to show right now, but, hopefully, that will be...
  3. Recel

    How to art?

    This might be vague, or hard to understand, but I'll give it a try, even tho I don't really expect any answer to it. I'm not asking advice on how to get better technically at drawing. More like, how to even start up a picture in your own way. For some time now, I realised that more often than...
  4. Recel

    Drawing from the wrist

    I was quite unsure and shy about asking about this, I feel kind of stupid about it, but what the hell. If I never force myself to ask ill never get an anwser. So basicly, I would like advice, a tutorial or any other help I can get on how to actualy hold the pencil and my hand. I had some...
  5. Recel

    Critique would be appriciated

    Well, I finaly made my self to actualy ask for a bit of advice. I've been looking throug tutorials and anatomy for a whole year, but they confuse me more than they help. Mostly because I can only find english tutorials, full of "fancy" words. I hope I can get some feedback on my two "I think...
  6. Recel

    Hello everyone.

    Hy. Im quite new to the whole fandom. I was unsure to join any furry related sites for quite a while, but i ques i made up my mind by now. Im a 23 years old guy from Hungary. Im also a digital artist, sort of. Tho I dont usualy show my pictures or post them anywhere because of a certain...