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  1. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: ($75+) Last Commission thread

    Alrighty, peeps! This is gonna be the last "Looking For" thread that I'll be posting for quite a while. This time, I'm looking for around five or six different artists that I can regularly commission from for the next few years, if possible. Not gonna list any specific ideas, because I honestly...
  2. AbstractReptile

    VRChat Avatar?

    Does anybody know how to make a custom avatar for VRChat? Some pointers/help would be much appreciated.
  3. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: ($75+) Looking for a new character design!

    Time for another thread? Yes, I believe so. I'm looking for somebody who's willing to draw a visual character ref sheet for a new character I have in mind. I don't have a final design in mind, but I'm willing to throw ideas and see what sticks with whoever's interested! The species in...
  4. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: New character design - No refs - $40 - $70+

    I'm looking for artists that do reference sheets, and can draw Pokemon. I already have a basic idea in mind, and would like to seek out an artist to commission. The Pokemon in question is a Quilava.
  5. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: Commission (Round 3): $70-100+

    Heya, FA Forum artists! I'm looking for a very particular idea for a commission. Namely, a group of six Pokemon all in the same room, playing on old 1990's computers. The Pokemon in question would be: Haxorus, Charizard, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Nidoking, and one other Pokemon. (Haven't yet...
  6. AbstractReptile

    Any co-op players out there?

    Hello there. I'm looking for other players that would be interested in some co-op games once or twice a week. My Discord can be found under 'Information' on my profile.
  7. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: Looking for art: Round 2 - Budget: $20-100+ (Closed)

    Hello again, FAForums! I'm looking for an artist again, this time for somebody who'd be willing to draw a male-pregnant (mpreg) centric scene of two of my characters. Price range is flexible, and I can work out something if needed. Contact info can be found in the 'information' section of my...
  8. AbstractReptile

    IRL meetings?

    Do any of the furries on here engage in any real-life meetings? If so, where are they usually held? Personally, I would like to meet more scalies in real life, and have a good time. (side note: apologies if this is the wrong place to post such a topic like this.)
  9. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: Looking for digital character art. $30-$70

    I'm looking for some potential artists to draw some characters I have in mind. Specifically, the characters I have in mind are, in no particular order: www.furaffinity.net: Prometheus - the Philosopher by AbstractReptile - Prometheus - Dragonborn Haxorus - Grovyle - Gigalith - Eelektross -...
  10. AbstractReptile

    Looking for a heavily story-based RP.

    As stated in the title, I'm interested in talking about ideas for a long term, story-based RP. Discord is welcome, but I can also stick to notes/messages, if need be, or a forum thread. Multiple characters, plot twists, bad endings, etc. Feel free to send me a message if interested, and we can...
  11. AbstractReptile

    A good evening to you all!

    Hello there! I am AbstractReptile, a pretty friendly guy! Feel free to send me a note, or comment on my profile, if you wish! I don't bite, and, in fact, actually enjoy meeting new people!