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    Ban ModNation Racers Screenshots.

    Recently there's been an increase in posting ModNation Racers Screenshots and I know the screenshots uses already made in game parts and violating the current Screenshot Rules on FA.
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    Ban Bases and Base Usage

    Bases are not the work of the artist and most are traced from other images, no matter how much work you put into a base, it's not your work. If you look at it, base useage is against the FA Rules and it should be added along with posting other people's work.
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    Request: A avatar of Tiger.

    http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v296/Rouge2/?action=view&current=NewTiger.png Sorry, but I'm tired of seeing nothing between my username and title, I need an avatar of Tiger. Anything animated as long as it's not depicting death and meets the FA standards of posting.
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    An idea for a new rule.

    How about a No Emulation or ROMs Rule? They're illegal and we should try to keep the forum free from illegal activity.
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    New Dawn Voting Round 1

    http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/8351/newdawnuq9.png Each Dawn has a number underneath it, vote for your favorite Dawn. The Top 6 will go on to Round 2.
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    Request: Dusk Rabbit

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/Rouge2/BeckytheRabbit2.png But also her Hero form, Sirxiel, and Dark form, Nesimaustel. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/Rouge2/NesimaustelandSirxiel.png
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    I need help.

    Don't really know where this goes, but I need help with a character's name. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/93463/ Plus quit putting what I say in Sigs, you guys do it to assault me.
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    Stupidest Commercial You Ever Saw.

    What's the stupidest commercial you ever saw on TV? Mine has to be a Law Firm Commercial on the Food Network where they were talking about some pill like always and they said this... "Or died while taking it, call now".
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    Fan Character Board.

    People sharing their fan character ideas with certain rules of course, people could post bios of characters. Think about this idea before bashing it.
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    Jewel Gang Request.

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/Rouge2/JewelGang.png Let the flaming begin. Even with Reference Pic in tow.
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    Jewel Gang Contest.

    Contest Time. This contest revolves around the Jewel Gang. Rules: #1. Must be identifiable, NO STICK FIGURES. #2. Must not be Negative or Anti-Jewel Gang. #3. Group Pics are OK. #4. No Nickel4000 or any varient of such a person. Prize: Grand Prize: Walk on Role for a...
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    What's your favorite game of all?

    Mine is the oldie yet goodie, M.C. Kids. No NES game can beat the McDonalds Game.
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    Disallow Commenting on your pages.

    We should have an option to disallow commenting on your main page because most of us has these users that won't shut up and also rapid fire commenters, like on my page. Disallowing Comments on User Pages Option would stop that.
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    Do you like any Video Game Characters in general?

    Does any of you have a certain character you want to marry or hook up, if they were real? Basically, do you have a big fan of any video game characters. I'm a huge Amy Rose Fan and A huge Pipsy the Mouse Fan.
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    An important problem.

    I seen a increased popularity in Second Life Screenshots on FurAffinity, it violates the Screenshot Rules and should be enforced a little more.
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    Can I have a picture drawn?

    Please, if anyone has time can anyone draw a picture of Dawn Lynn Catherine and Sarah Catherine side by side. Must be OK with drawing Sonic Style Characters and must follow the changes to a tee. Can you do a picture of Sarah and Dawn Catherine side by side...
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    Ban Music Submissions.

    There seems to be too many violations in the Music Department.
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    Colorer for Hire.

    Anybody needs a person to color pictures. I may not be able to make them look like the most the pictures you see here that was done in Flash because I cannot afford the tech to color that way, but I color with good old Coloring Pencils. Free, so don't take your wallet out.
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    Looking for a Katrina Prower Artist.

    I'm looking for a person to draw Katrina Prower, my paralyzed Fox Character. I have some qualifications you must meet. #1. Mustn't know Purity. So no flame wars would ensue. #2. Must not be afraid to draw porn #3. Must not be afraid to draw some Tails x Katrina Pictures. #4. Must...
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    My final request.

    Since no one like me on the Art Exchange here's my final request. Please, if you have time please draw Dawn Lynn Catherine. Just forget it, I'm through with The Art Exchange.