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  1. WarriorWhispers

    Looking for Artists

    I have a few commission ideas I'd like to get in the near future, but I'm lacking artists and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. (Might try looking on SoFurry too, as FA just doesn't have that great of a search) I have a few artists I currently really enjoy: Pigmint, Veemonsito...
  2. WarriorWhispers

    The Fur Tree Discord Server - Come see us! =]

    We offer: A verification system to protect from raids (simply fill out an intro). ❤ An active and friendly staff team. SFW chat rooms and roleplay. Self assignable roles such as genders, sexuality, lots of species, and even CUSTOM COLORS! Media sharing such as Irl photos, gaming, personal...
  3. WarriorWhispers

    Introducing...*insert drumroll*

    Brite Paw! Artwork is by the very talented Chocolatecoins.(who is around here somewhere, but for some reason I couldn't @ her...) My first fursona, Brite Paw the Husky. I'm incredibly happy to have my first piece of artwork, and I even have more on the way(I may be bad at managing money...)...
  4. WarriorWhispers

    Posting Stories

    Hi all! I checked the Resources and Please Read, but I was unable to find what I was looking for. Hopefully someone is able to help me out. =] I used to write stories about 6-ish years ago. The site that I was writing on had the ability for you to link stories together, if they were chapters. I...
  5. WarriorWhispers

    Can't Log In with Google Chrome

    Hello, FAF has logged me out by the time I got home today. I went to log back in ...ANd I can't get in. When I click "Log In" while on the login screen, it just reloads the page. I can login via my phone safari, and am signed in using Edge right now, but can't get in with Chrome. Is this a...
  6. WarriorWhispers

    Greetings && Salutations

    My name is Ty, I'm new here. *roll credits* Onto the real introduction, and not looking like an idiot... I'm 23, and I've been around the furry community to an extent since I was 14, but have never attempted to be a part of it. A video popped up last month in my suggested videos on youtube of...