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  1. Zydala

    Just a little question concerning "Crowds"

    I'd personally treat it as a complicated background/prop instead of individuals. it'd probably take me just as much time to do a crowded street as it would, say, a waterfall scene or a canyon. it's obviously not worth painting all the details of all the people in the crowd anyway since that...
  2. Zydala

    FurAffinity Mario Golf World Tour Community!

    moved to correct forum :) play away!
  3. Zydala


    I don't see anything productive coming out of this thread, so I'm gonna shut it down now.
  4. Zydala


    Welcome! Watch out for the bear traps! :V Just kidding. We might seem like a mean bunch but we just have a biting sense of humor. Hope you enjoy it here!
  5. Zydala

    A Loveless Relationship? Advice please.

    (puts on Dan Savage hat) You both need to work on each other's needs, and if for him, helping you with your needs is a chore that he'll complain about and just keep making you feel worse, don't push it. This guy isn't the end-all-be-all of relationships. You both can find someone more...
  6. Zydala

    What painting program do you use?

    I feel like a similar thread has gone around recently? But I can't find it so oh well I use MyPaint, Krita and GIMP mostly, because I love supporting free open-source software :] I have SAI and Manga Studio, Mischief also on my computer but I don't use them half as much. Once the newest...
  7. Zydala

    How have I improved?

    The same "rules" work for furries/dinosaurs/humans/whatever, just little superficial differences. It's kind of like building blocks. Start big (shapes, rules), go small (details, tweaks)
  8. Zydala

    Intous protective Sheets for the active area

    yeah it does leave stickiness, that's why it was just on one of my old tablets I was trying to get a liiiittle more life out of rather than one of the newer tablets I've gotten since. It wasn't very thick but really I think on a wacom you can have a couple millimeters between the pen and the pad...
  9. Zydala

    Intous protective Sheets for the active area

    on one of my old tablets I just put a cut-out sheet of press-on laminate over the top to protect it. Did wonders! I'm sure those covers are just fine if something as simple as laminate worked for me hehe :]
  10. Zydala


    if an account on FA had minimal usage and has not been active at all (no log ins, nothing) for at least a year you can file a trouble ticket under "Account Issue" if you're interested in that specific name. They'll check the activity and give you the OK to take it if it checks out okay. The...
  11. Zydala

    Fur Affinity Forums vs. Fur Affinity

    Wouldn't an SAT question have multiple choices to choose from?
  12. Zydala

    Fur Affinity Forums vs. Fur Affinity

    Well you link back to your page in the account settings, and find others by clicking the paw print underneath the icon/info of their posts. unless that wasn't what you were referring to? :]
  13. Zydala

    Operating system furries use

    Ubuntu Saucy I'm not surprised but still happy at the sight of all these linux users hehehe
  14. Zydala

    This is going to sound SO stupid. (love/sex advice)

    I'm going to close the thread now. Let's let this subject rest a bit...
  15. Zydala

    Criticism and questions ????

    The reason the colors seem "blinding" is because all the colors are a similar value. Here's what happened when I put it through a desaturation filter focused on value: https://copy.com/to1yl6lpl9Ca So you can see that it's not just line and color that's important in defining figures and shapes...
  16. Zydala

    Newly Found Osamu Tezuka Art: sexy mice girls?

    It's not the surprise of him drawing sexy things that I thought funny really (he's drawn LOTS of sexy things, check out Apollo's Song, MW, etc), it was the fact that it was pretty furry lol. Though knowing his anthro stuff (Monster girl Bagi, ode to kirihito) it was a matter of time before...
  17. Zydala

    Newly Found Osamu Tezuka Art: sexy mice girls?

    http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/03/29/daughter-of-osamu-tezuka-god-of-manga-discovers-his-stash-of-hand-drawn-sexy-mouse-artwork/ (NSFW for anthro mouse tits) Tezuka is one of my favorite comic artists so to hear this come up has been fascinating. And very very amusing. :]
  18. Zydala


    Hello MoonFire! We have some great discussion going on about smash bros in the Three Frags Left forum, a lot of it in the Nintendo Direct thread: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/363205-Nintendo-Direct-(Wii-U-amp-3DS-games)/page88 I'll go ahead and close this; make sure to post in Three...
  19. Zydala

    Zydala: Open for Commissions!! (SALE)

    Taking Full-Color pin ups right now for $30! Example (NSFW link): https://www.furaffinity.net/view/13005941/ Turn around time for these guys will be abouts a week! Thanks in advance for the interest! :)
  20. Zydala

    Artsists work is being copied and reposted without authorization! MODS PLEASE STICKY

    Re: Artsists work is being copied and reposted without authorization! MODS PLEASE ST Have you contacted the group yet? Have the reposted artists contacted the group yet? A few of the pictures did have credit but no link. Try to clear it up with the FB admins of the group first before taking...