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  1. Keefur

    Embarrassing Moments

    For the Furry above you, list a fictional thing that the Furry does or has happen to them that would be majorly embarrassing if others saw it. Try to theme it with their character and please keep it clean, you filthy animals! lol I'll go first. I'll pick a random Furry.... Um... How about...
  2. Keefur

    FangCon 2020

    FangCon is having it's eighth convention and is in Birmingham, Alabama. The address for the web page is www.fangcon.com. I will be posting some of the art and updates here, like Furry movie posters, etc. The convention is from Feb. 5th - 10th. It has been said that FangCon is like what cons...
  3. Keefur

    Furry Joke Book on Track for AnthrOhio

    Hello everyone! Well, my Furry joke book (untitled at the moment) is on track for a release at AnthrOhio where Draconis (jugularjaguar on FA) and myself (Keefur on FA) will be humble Guests of Honor. Right now, the book looks to have over 230 jokes and I'm still writing them! The art is in...