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  1. ChocolateCoins

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $45 Reference Sheets

    That's right, A Shaded reference sheet for only $45! Includes: Front/Back views 2 Headshots or close up/detail shots 2 Chibi outfits Color Palette *Additional $5 for Large wings and extra outfits/ detail images. SFW or NSFW Any Species or Gender Slots Available until November 1st, 2019 PM if...
  2. ChocolateCoins

    Shaded Sketches ($15+)

    Monochrome shaded sketches. $15 Single character $25 Couple +$10 per extra character +$10 for simple bg Any combination of genders and species. NSFW options available. PAYPAL only Additional (nsfw) examples here Artwork Gallery for ChocolateCoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  3. ChocolateCoins

    NSFW Beach Themed YCHs

    NSFW beach themed ych. First Auction here Private Pier Green Slot SB: $20 Current Bid: None Private Pier Purple Slot SB: $20 Current Bid: None Examples of Coloring
  4. ChocolateCoins

    Cute couple ych

    5 flat priced couple you. 3 different coloring tiers $18 sketch $25 Flat color $40 full color *multiple slots *and species *any gender combination
  5. ChocolateCoins

    Headshots and Busts

    $30 Headshots.$45 Busts. Completed in 1-3 days.
  6. ChocolateCoins

    Chocolatecoins' Art Thread

    Hi there! I'm Chocolatecoins both here and on the main site and also Lullapalooza on Amino. I draw furries and sometimes other things, I draw both clean and adult stuff and I take commissions. I'm here to shamelessly put up my work in hopes of gaining some more followers.
  7. ChocolateCoins

    BYO Ref Sheet

    Build your own reference sheet to fit your needs and budget! I will work with you to make your vision visible whether you already have an image and want it from different angles of just have a description. Will do both clean and Mature Prices are USD $20 per view (front, back, side) Close ups...
  8. ChocolateCoins

    Colored Sketches

    $12 Solo $18 Couple Can Be SFW OR NSFW Any Gender Any Species except equine I Choose the pose PM me on Main Site if Interested Userpage of chocolatecoins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Examples
  9. ChocolateCoins

    NSFW Flat price YCHs

    3 NSFW Flat price YCH. Full color and shading. 2 slots each Any species (no equine except mlp) Any gender www.furaffinity.net: Flat price YCH (2 slots each) by ChocolateCoins www.furaffinity.net: Flat price YCH (2 slots each) by ChocolateCoins www.furaffinity.net: Flat price YCH (2 slots...