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  1. ScarClaw

    Survey - The Structure of the Fandom

    I'm doing a survey to study how the fandom is structured and organized. I plan on using this data to help with a theory I am working on. It will also be used to understand the history being created with each passing day in the fandom. I've been interested in furry history for years, making...
  2. ScarClaw

    Furry Radio Station

    Paw Print Radio has been in need of some growth, and if you would like to check them out, go to pawprintradio.com and tune in! From Fox Amoore to Kitsune^2 and even brony musicians such as Assertive Fluttershy! I am a huge fan of PPR myself and I hope I can find some other people that will go...
  3. ScarClaw

    GLFC 2017?

    Anyone going to Great Lakes Fur Con 2017?
  4. ScarClaw

    Furry Q n A

    So following what someone I recently met did and tons of others have done I'm doing a furry q n a! I'm not gonna do all questions but I'll do as many as I can. Please know 2 things, One this isn't a fursuit Q n A I don't have a fursuit. Two I'm 16 so try to ask questions that would make sense...
  5. ScarClaw

    Anyone coming to GLFC?

    There is a good chance I'm going to Great Lakes Fur Con this month and was just curious if anyone else is going? this will be my first con and I know its one of the smaller ones, but I thought I'd see if I could find anyone who plans on going.
  6. ScarClaw

    My dad knows I'm a furry, but it's still awkward to talk about(asking for advice)

    So a while ago I did manage to tell my dad I'm a furry. After showing him some things explaining it's not what most people say it is (he was believing many misconceptions, including the adult ones) he seems to now understand. But the topic is awkward to bring up. He told me he has not told my...
  7. ScarClaw

    Are you an adult or a young fur?

    I'm creating a poll since I cant find anything about this anywhere (if you can please link me!) But I am trying to find out an estimate ratio of adults to young furs in the fandom. Please no troll votes, take it seriously.
  8. ScarClaw

    Is this article truthful of the fandom?

    OK so I'm a newer furry and while I am learning about the fandom myself, I have also been working on something that is designed to help other young furs understand the fandom. I found this and while I believe it seems to be very good, it's buzzfeed so I though I'd double check, seeing how much...
  9. ScarClaw

    My furst digital artwork ever, Scar

    My furst digital piece of artwork aimed toward my discovery of myself as a furry fan. Spent three days but it was worth it, turned out better than I could have ever hoped. Scar is now (physically, was mentally) Anthropomorphic! Designed mostly around my original drawing of him from some time...