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  1. Gushousekai195

    Unique Water Sport: Hydro Bronc

    Have you guys heard of this being a thing? You are harnessed inside what is best-described as an inflatable hamster wheel, which you ride on rapids and you will be kept afloat the whole time. You can also turn sideways and even upside down inside it. No other water ride can do that better...
  2. Gushousekai195

    Grand Sierra Resort Rooms for BLFC 2021 are outrageous!!

    These prices are not normal for a hotel in Reno! How is anyone going to attend Biggest Little FurCon 2021?! I went to BLFC before and stayed at that hotel! The rates were not this high! This has to be driven by greed. They must be taking advantage of people who want to attend the con by...
  3. Gushousekai195

    Fiction written in present tense

    How do you guys feel about fiction written in present tense instead of the usual past tense?
  4. Gushousekai195

    Original Sport Idea: Super Laser Tag

    I have come up with a variant of laser tag that is a lot more flashy and action-packed than your average laser tag. I call it “Super Laser Tag.” Players wear skintight suits that resemble superhero costumes and are a lot more athletic and agile than the average man. You’ll see lots of...
  5. Gushousekai195

    Second Thoughts About Upgrading My Machine

    I would like to get a more powerful pc than what I have now, but I can no longer get one with Windows 7 on it. And people say Windows 10 is garbage. I saw one artist who was having problems with her display drawing tablet on win 10. I use a display tablet with drawing myself and I can only...
  6. Gushousekai195

    Caption the image above you

    Give the image above you a funny caption and then post an image of your own. Let’s caption!
  7. Gushousekai195

    Share the last video you liked on YouTube

    Title says the gist. Post the last thing you clicked the like button on on YouTube. Let’s see how far this gets....
  8. Gushousekai195

    No... Please, no... (serious)

    dogpatch.press: With conventions closed for COVID-19, what happens to furries as a community? I will not live without furry cons. I will not live without physically hugging fursuiters. I will not live without meeting my friends from the other side of the country in person. The fandom is the...
  9. Gushousekai195

    YouTube: Post-COPPA Survival Tips?

    YouTube rolls out changes for COPPA compliance, expects 'significant impact' for creators | ZDNet As of the beginning of January, people can no longer comment on videos of Disney scenes, add Spongebob memes to playlists, or watch Happy Tree Friends in the miniplayer. I am not happy about this...
  10. Gushousekai195

    Really Sexy Women's Volleyball

    Anybody remember this being a thing? Who thought wearing brief-style bottoms in women's volleyball was a good idea? I approve! Sadly, they don't do it anymore and I have seen a few people on YouTube who are not happy about it.
  11. Gushousekai195

    How to dress for MFF?

    So, I am a guy who decided he wants to attend Midwest Furfest next year. However, chances are I will likely have to go outside to get to and from the con every day (thanks a lot room lottery). That could be a problem given the usual weather around con time, because I will have to dress...
  12. Gushousekai195

    This site takes something you type and AI does the rest

    Talk to Transformer Anybody try making furry literature with this?
  13. Gushousekai195

    Ever use Tarot cards for writing?

    Given that Tarot cards are more image heavy than regular playing cards, Tarot decks can be useful for generating story characters, plots, and whatnot. And this author knows it! You don’t have to know the meanings of the cards to get inspiration, you can simply go by how the cards make you...
  14. Gushousekai195

    WTF Dogpatch Press?!!

    dogpatch.press: Hail Satan: the original furry Seriously wtf Do you have any idea how much going to Hell hurts?!
  15. Gushousekai195

    Golden State Fur Con?

    I’m already registered and will be taking Friday off work for it. Who else is going?
  16. Gushousekai195

    Anyone Remember City of Unity?

    Does anyone remember that rp? Seemed like an interesting story to me. It’s too bad I’m not able to read the rp logs since its website died.
  17. Gushousekai195

    RIP Loki the Red Fox 4/1/11 - 2/4/2018

    Sadly, another adorable fluffball has passed away.... :’(
  18. Gushousekai195

    Who wants the Road Rovers back?

    I’m sure you do. A lot of you. Considering how things with cult followings have been brought back from the depths and renewed for thirsting generations, and how anthropomorphic animals have been popping up in the mainstream arts, I am largely certain we will see the armored howling glories of...