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  1. LucierdaSolari

    Forum Image menu not working on mobile sometimes

    Usually when I insert an image into a forum post and tap the image (I’m on mobile), a useful little menu bar pops up below it which allows me to resize the image. Since the forums came back, I sometimes am not able to get it to pop up. It especially does not work in this thread...
  2. LucierdaSolari

    Wave Break (Switch)

    This game looks super rad, and with a synthwave soundtrack to boot!! Also, furries!
  3. LucierdaSolari

    Describe a scene for the song above you.

    A user posts a song of their choosing and the user below them describes a scene that would match it. It’s like the song is the soundtrack for that scene. Action!
  4. LucierdaSolari

    Mad Libs with Luci

    1. I have a blank mad libs story I created. 2. Place a number for the blank word and fill it in appropriately with any word(s) that pop into your head. 3. The first poster will fill in the first word, second the second, third the third, etc. 4. I'll reveal the full story when all the words have...
  5. LucierdaSolari

    You compete in a sport with the user above you. Which one?

    Name a sport you would compete in along with the user above you. Game time!
  6. LucierdaSolari

    When commissioning, what counts as a "ref?"

    When I hear the word "ref," I think of a reference sheet, which I do not have. Is a reference sheet the only thing that counts as a proper "ref?" Or is it not?
  7. LucierdaSolari

    Hihi. Any Second Life furries?

    Hello, all. ❤❤❤ I am hoping to meet some furries who love to play Second Life like I do. My username is Lucierda Solari.
  8. LucierdaSolari

    Need a ref sheet of my Second Life avatar/fursona

    I recently tried to commission somebody to draw my fursona and was told to send a ref (sheet). The only sort of reference I have is a bunch of Second Life screenshots of my avatar, which is supposed to be of my fursona. But I don't think that would count. I have no drawing talent at all, of...
  9. LucierdaSolari

    Manipulated Screenshots: Where Do They Fall?

    Hi. I would like to know: if I took a screenshot of say, my Second Life avatar, and edited the screenshot in Photoshop to make it look more appealing to viewers, what submission category would it fall under? I looked at the AUP but found nothing in regards to screenshots that have been edited...