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  1. Jojer

    What Was The Last Furry Convention Pre-Covid19 Lockdown?

    I’ll probably get different answers from different parts of the world but what were the very last fur cons that were able to happen before the pandemic became global and lockdowns occurred? list names and dates, please! I love watching the fursuit parades at cons and I’m curious to see the...
  2. Jojer

    Make a Sticker For The Person Above You

    Hello furry, feathery, scaly, slimy, and leathery peeps. I hope every one of you is fairing well during this time. Since some of us have more time on our paws lately, I thought it might be a good idea to jumpstart some activity here. Following the “draw the poster above you” parent thread, the...
  3. Jojer

    Purged Accounts?

    Today I read a journal from a user that claimed FA purged a bunch of fake accounts within the past 16 hours. I noticed I lost 13 watchers(which is fine). A lot of people are claiming they have diminished watcher numbers as well. Can FA confirm this took place? I looked here in the forums...
  4. Jojer

    Removing Permanently Deleted Accounts off of My Watch-List?

    I’m preening my watch list and realizing there are quite a few perma-deleted accounts that I cannot unwatch or remove from my list. Is there a hidden feature or technique to remove them? Thanks.
  5. Jojer

    Filtering YCH/Adopt/Reminder Material

    Just as there is an option to filter “streams” in journal submissions, I’ve been desperate for a feature that allows the user to either filter YCH/Adopt/Reminder submissions and journals *or* make a separate submission category for YCH/Characters for sale. When I first started noticing a...
  6. Jojer

    Request: My Blue Feral Dragon needs love!

    I recently finished my ref of Tylos. He’s an Oceanside Drake which means he loves the water. His two main animals that influence his personality and anatomy are the Florida Alligator and the Great Blue Heron. here’s a link to my FA submission: www.furaffinity.net: Tylos Reference 2020 -...
  7. Jojer

    Request: I revised my Dragon! Anyone interested in making Derg Art?

    Hey folks, I've been itching to revise my dragon Tylos' reference for like two and some weeks and I finally finished tonight! I've been struggling a bit and art of my brain children usually puts a huge smile on my face. So if you're browsing the forums looking for a fantastical victim to draw...
  8. Jojer

    Sparklesonas and Wild Colors? How do they work?

    Because every sona suits their owner differently, I suspect there are many reasons as to why “natural” animals or even hybrid and fantastical beasts have “unnatural”, loud or vibrant colors and patterns that aren’t typically occurring in nature. How does your sona get those colors? Is it a...
  9. Jojer

    Selling a Stolen Character to an Unsuspecting Customer - Who’s Responsible?

    Hey folks, I have a local fur friend that has been in some drama surrounding an adopt they purchased a year ago. I’m sure at least one person on here has been a victim of this, either as a purchaser or a victim of theft. Here’s the run down: My friend made a purchase for a character...
  10. Jojer

    Pokemon GO Furries?

    Heya, as I get more into the game I'm looking for more and more furries to share gifts with. I created a Telegram channel specifically for Furry friend code sharing. Here's a link to my Telegram Channel! If you want you friend code to be shared on this channel, shoot me a message with your...
  11. Jojer

    Pokemon GO Telegram Channel for Furry Friend Codes!

    Heyo, not sure if this thread is gonna be moved somewhere else or not but I wanted to drop this here for any Pokemon Go players -and- Telegram users looking to add furry-specific players and exchange gifts. Here's the link: t.me: PoGo Furs Friend Codes Since it's a channel, there is no chat...
  12. Jojer

    Alternate Species Names {Masterlist}

    I'm on a mission to collect all the alternative slang terms for common animal names that we in the fandom use all the time! Let me give you some examples: Common Name: Dog, Canine Cute as heck names: Doge, pupper, doggo SO, what I'm looking for from everyone is the common name of the animal...
  13. Jojer

    Best website for art trades and requests?

    What, in your opinion, is the best platform/website for someone who wants to do art trades or give/take requests that also has a lot of traffic and activity? I'm all about the "Draw the poster above you thread" in this forum but it seems to be very slow at times. I'm not on Twitter but if peeps...
  14. Jojer

    Looking for furriends in Pokémon Go!

    Because I’m the only loser I know IRL that plays, I have no “friends” in game and I need 3 to complete a quest of sorts. Lol. I plan on sending gifts every so often so there’s some benefit to anyone who befriends me. Thanks!
  15. Jojer

    Best inking/line art app for iOS?

    I’ve been using ArtStudio for a few years now but it’s not the best. I’d love to use something similar to Manga Studio that smoothes the lines and has crisp, clean edges. Any apps you use that are good for that? I have a 6 Plus currently with iOS 12. Thanks!
  16. Jojer

    Tampa Bay KittyCon 2018

    So, yeah. This isn’t a legit furry con but I’d love to see furries invade and take over in suits. :p If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the site: KittyCon Tampa Bay 2018/Cat Convention/Cat Rescue It supports animal adoption at least!
  17. Jojer

    Draw your sona with your favorite plushie Meme

    This is something I've been wanting to post for like a week! I haven't made my drawing yet but I plan on making it soon. What are you supposed to do? Draw your fursona with your most sentimental plushie. Mine is from my childhood that I still sleep with. You can get creative with it too. You...
  18. Jojer

    New Account, Not New To FA Forums...

    I never thought to make an intro post in the past though! I'm Jojer. I'm a DogLizard hybrid & scalie at heart. I previously used SwirlJelly to post here but I've since deleted it for reasons. Long before that, I traipsed around as Dracotic. I mainly find myself posting in the Community...
  19. Jojer

    I miss the old LJ Secret-Santa style art exchanges... Anyone still do these?

    Is there any particular site where this is still an active thing? I usually only see it held within niche groups on DA or forums. I'd love to either see it started up here or maybe on a site that can facilitate a regular weekly or monthly exchange, or both.
  20. Jojer

    Uncommon furry slang?

    Yiff, murr and fursona are widely popular and accepted terms within the fandom. What are some less commonly used terms that you know of?