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  1. Tatsuchan18

    Slaves 4 Sale, A NSFW Furry BDSM comic

    This NSFW comic is about a blue folf that discovers more about themselves when they get kidnapped to a BDSM slave compound. If you have some time to spare, and want to get into something fun and new, please check out my comic, Slaves 4 Sale. The art gets much better as you read. (I originally...
  2. Tatsuchan18

    Free art by Tatsu.

    I am dealing with some depression. Drawing random free art helps sometimes. I'll pick from whoever posts.
  3. Tatsuchan18

    ~Awesome Badges! Only $15!!!~

    So pretty/cool/awesome/aafdslkgff!!! :D Don't you want one? Go here! www.furaffinity.net: ~~Badges! $15~~ by Tatsuchan18 www.furaffinity.net: ~~Badges! $15~~ by Tatsuchan18...
  4. Tatsuchan18

    S4S Fave Character Poll

    Hey guys, heres a poll for who is your fave S4S character! :D If you have no idea what S4S is, here is the link to tha comic! (It starts out pencil, but it gets better.) This is a NSFW Comic about BDSM. First Page: www.furaffinity.net: Slaves 4 Sale 1-1 by Tatsuchan18 Current Page...
  5. Tatsuchan18

    Any furry themed group video chats?

    I used to go to a BDSM one on tinychat. It was just a bunch of people bein there for each other and discussing the lifestyle and chillin and watching disney movies (it was heavily DDlg, but I like disney so no worries) But like drama happened, (like it always does) and the people i liked to...
  6. Tatsuchan18

    People who *action* randomly towards me makes me uncomfortable.

    like, have you ever been messaging with someone normally, but then they randomly write *hugs* or *snuggles* randomly? Like... We're not RPing or anything, why are you doing that? I know it's supposed to be a way to be more descriptive in your thoughts and feelings. But like. What if I'm...
  7. Tatsuchan18

    Tatsu is Taking Requests! :D

    Heys guys I'm gonna take some request color/sketches! I'm going to choose who to draw based on my own personal interest. So everyone who posts will not get a sketch. It's based on how i'm feeling at the time. I will post the art to the forum. Example of request: "Heys, could you please draw a...
  8. Tatsuchan18

    Why do people complain about how bad their life is, then shun your advice?

    This has happened to me on many occasions. I try to help people (who are asking for help) and because I'm not saying exactly what they want to hear, I get an excuse or hostility. I understand some people are in low places, but why bark about it on here? (mostly in journals) Some reasons are...
  9. Tatsuchan18

    Konichiwan! X3

    Heys everybody! I'm a relatively new artist (started my commish career in late January of this year) Business is pretty good, I'm excited about all the new things I get to draw and the people I make happy by drawin their stuff. Also that extra bit of pocket change is kinda nice (eventually I'm...
  10. Tatsuchan18

    Interesting Adopts!

    Heys everybody! I have some beautiful original adopts! Only $10 each, follow the link under the image and comment to claim, or just go to my page and check out my work, I'm also open for commissions! :3 My page: Userpage of tatsuchan18 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Example of adopts...