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  1. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Adhesive for rubber?

    I need a adhesive for rubber for the underside of my Fursuit feet, the specific type of rubber is SBR I believe. Thanks in advance.
  2. Fursuitsandmore1022

    How to shave a fursuit head better?

    I preshave most of my pieces but my suit head still looks really shaggy and there’s fur around the eyes that makes my vision worse. ( picture below ) also, there’s a sharp edge in the fur that I need help with getting rid of. edit: I can’t post pictures on mobile *sigh*
  3. Fursuitsandmore1022

    To grid or not to grid?

    So, last year, I went to a traditional art school that used the grid method. We mostly copied stuff at the stage we were at, But I thought it was really unhelpful to use the grid method ( which is used to transfer photos most of the time ) And not actually teach how to use guidelines and stuff...
  4. Fursuitsandmore1022

    critique on first stylus drawing

    Hi! I have drawn traditionally for a really long time, And I tried drawing with a stylus the other day ( I cant afford a drawing pad ;-; ) on my laptop thats able to fold and become a tablet/iPad/you know what I mean Anyways, any critique? Also, I need a free program that senses pressure with a...
  5. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Shaggy fur/fur shaving help

    Im just now startin to shave my suit, and I cant shave it more than the pic without the backing/uneven fur showing. I would like to shave it to the level of this suit ( credit to InneriCreatures, Amazing suits! ) Also, is there any way to fix the uneven bottom jaw with removing it? Should I...
  6. Fursuitsandmore1022


    Ok everybody, this just goes to show how bad my luck is. The "fire red fur" on FursuitSupplies.com has been in stock for a pretty long time so I added it to my cart and thought, Ill take my time on my foam parts, then ill buy the fur! So you would think this went pretty good, did my foam parts...
  7. Fursuitsandmore1022

    moving tail help?

    My moving tail has a bit of a problem. one being it only really moves towards one side. I have to really shake that rear to get it moving, and even if it does it looks fake and unnatural when it moves. I used a foamies base and put the 1 in foam on the parts. It has cardboard on the spots I felt...
  8. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Looking for practice!

    Hi! Im looking for practice with my art, and I specifically need to do more birbs and horses, use more colors and try and shy away from using bases. sorry if my art sucks >o< SFW PLEASE!! examples:
  9. Fursuitsandmore1022

    My parents dont understand furries

    Ok, So you might expect me to start rambling about the nsfw and yes, I believe my mom is aware of that, and she has told me the fandom is for adults buuuut she took me took me to a con anyways.. mostly the problem is the mess and the money. You see, Ive taken this hobby as a oppurtunity to...
  10. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Halfsuit head ready?

    My halfsuit is finished on the foam parts ( mostly, eyes need to be finished ) Its a bucket head and im hoping my forehead isnt too big? I left a couple of photos, the latest one is the yellow nose and place holder eyes, the second latest ( first full partial ) is the other ( one photo with fur...
  11. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Paws dont have texture?/Foaming problems

    Im trying to make feet paws and im going for a toony look, But the toes wont get any bigger than the picture. any tips? ( I dont have a electric foam cutter, Trying to do it with sciccors. )
  12. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Need digital ref sheet asap! Semi complex!

    I am about to build a suit and forgot that I needed a digital ref sheet if I was gonna get any art *facepalm* Im trying to save up for my supplies so If anyone is trying to test their skills or just have that urge to draw, Draw my sona, Chains! *generic hooray sound* Also, please tell me if you...
  13. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Balaclavas questions?

    I want to make a balaclava head but tutorials arent helping much. Questions: How do you attach the upper and lower muzzle if your face is exposed? ( seen in picture ) What about the back of the head? GOOD Balaclava tutorial? ( Including furring ) I know I might look dumb but im used to buckets...
  14. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Looking for artist to draw my cool sona a badge for free!

    I Have a really cool sona named chains ( picture below ) that im planning to make a suit and I would like a badge made of him! any level of experience is fine, I also accept beginners practicing! Thanks in advance! ( IM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANY ARTIST BY REQUESTING ART, I DONT HAVE A LOT OF...
  15. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Dog shampoo on fursuits?

    I dont have any gentle shampoo and I just came back from a con, what do I use?
  16. Fursuitsandmore1022

    How to make monster paws and floor dragger chains and belt loop?

    I have a monster dog character I want to make a suit and I cant find a tutorial on how to make the monster dog paws. I have looked EVERYWHERE and I cant find it! Those are the paws I want to make ( different color ) Also, At megaplex I was as the floor dragger meet and greet and they said...
  17. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Forehead too big on bucket heads?

    All my suits so far have been bucket head and I have been struggling with the problem of the forehead being too big. I have asked a bunch of people on the matter, But nobody has had this problem. You can see in the picture what I mean.
  18. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Help me by supporting my gofundme!

    I have a go fund me and im trying to raise money to hopefully open commisions next year or even go to a popular con in another state! Please donate! Even a dollar is appreciated! www.gofundme.com: Click here to support Raise money to open suit comissions organized by Patricia Real
  19. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Ready for fur?

    I think my fursuit head is coming out nice, im right now starting to fur the head. Im not sure if its up to the standards of a third suit, but I would like some critique. Thanks!
  20. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Help with furring the muzzle!

    I just started the furring process and the muzzle has a piece of fabric that keeps sticking out. Its hard to describe but its a piece of fabric that wont touch the muzzle. I think you could get it with the picture. If you still dont get it, its basically a piece of fur that is just extra and I...