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  1. TreacleFox

    New furry documentary (furry made): Through Fox's Eyes

    I just saw an article about this documentary on flayrah. Its a new furry documentary in production that is being made by furries, so it should be more accurate then the for-profit "documentaries" by media companies that we all know about. The website and the YouTube trailer can be seen here and...
  2. TreacleFox

    Treacle - The fursona

    Still sort of working on this, thought I should post it though. I still need to work on skills and weaknesses. I have not made a category for history yet, and I left out anything sexual for this. :S Give me criticisms I guess, or stuff you think I could add. ^^; General info Name: Treacle Sex...
  3. TreacleFox

    Looking to get a new avatar.

    Im looking to buy a new avatar of my fursona. An animated gif avatar would be nice, but a standered one would be good too. I would like it to be atleast 150x150 pixals in size, there is no limit on the upper size limit though. My REF: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6904244/ If there is...
  4. TreacleFox

    MiDFur (#14): The Furry Apocalypse Cometh

    Anyone planning on going to MiDFur this year? I have found it hard trying to get infomation on this con, plus I dont want to be alone there if I do go. :U Is the Hotel Ibis the only hotel not booked out now? I would like some advice from someone who has been to MiDFur before, this will be my...
  5. TreacleFox

    Hiring for a banner

    I would like to commission a banner 800 pixels long, 100 pixels tall. It must include my fursona, perhaps lying down because of the shape and it must say "Treacle" on it. It will need a border also, and its colours should mainly be composed of my fursona's colours, ie: shades of purple, green...
  6. TreacleFox

    Fursona names.

    So I was just browsing around on the internet like usual when I decided to look up my fursona name, "Meadow" to see if it is a real name or if it is used at all. Turns out it is a rare, but real name for girls. This has never occured to me. ;_; Is this worth trying to find a new name over...
  7. TreacleFox

    Full digital piece from scratch.

    I need a full digital picture of my new character for reference, from only a text description. I want 2 sides of my charicter drawn, front and back. Tell me how much you would charge. His body shape is a generic anthro fox shape. He has black tips at the ends of his feet and ears, purple tips...
  8. TreacleFox

    My banner hasn't changed

    http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/6587/screenep.jpg Im stuck on this. D: I think its a problem people have, who have the site style set to the same as mine. :<
  9. TreacleFox

    I hope thats an IPhone charger....

  10. TreacleFox

    Cats & Dogs 2.

    I just watched this movie torrented from idk where and low definition. Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cats_%26_Dogs:_The_Revenge_of_Kitty_Galore Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-BhvoQab60 Its kind of a kids movie but I really liked this and the 1st one too... They also...
  11. TreacleFox

    Dog gets beat up by a deer.

    D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtY4U4waKNU
  12. TreacleFox

    aww... im fked.

    So, i wanted some PhiPaw stickers> http://www.zazzle.com/pawphi_sticker-217964545659002606 So i ordered some about 2 weeks ago. The problem is, my school's camp is in 3 days (including saterday and sunday, when they dont deliver mail) and i haven't received them yet... and my parents and family...
  13. TreacleFox

    non gay comics?

    Do they exist? :|
  14. TreacleFox

    The earth hates me! D:

    omg my town just had a minor earthquake... I live in adelaide, australia. It lasted about 10 seconds.
  15. TreacleFox

    I wonder...

    Theres been alot of bad media about furries, with the csi, 1000 ways to die, ect. but i wonder if southpark will make one :| i can feel it coming D:
  16. TreacleFox


    random thread, but i am seeing lots of avatars with mops on them :confused: where are they coming from? :o
  17. TreacleFox

    ychan unsafe, or is norton being useless?

  18. TreacleFox

    what am I? -_-

    i dont know weather my fursona should be a dragon (i like dragons...) or a fox (if i got a fursuit it would be a fox) D: