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  1. RileyTheOtter

    Fan Thread For Underappreciated Active Member: Yakamaru

    I don't think he gets enough appreciation around here being as active and likable as he is. So here's a fan thread to list all the reasons we like or get along with him. I'll let someone else go first and I'll join in later with my reasons if they haven't already been listed by tomorrow morning...
  2. RileyTheOtter

    Elder Scrolls rp anyone?

    I'm basing this around ESO and the relevant lore/skills, so keep that in mind. probably won't be going with any specific plot just yet, likely starting in an open-ended thing and moving along as we go. Character sheet template is below Name: Race: Gender: Age: Extra: (optional: height, weight...
  3. RileyTheOtter

    Tempted to go to Midwest Furfest

    it's really not far away from where I live. (only about 3 hours of drive time) But I don't know anyone who's actually going. Being autistic, that poses a whole host of problems by itself. (not including the potential crowds and noise) Is it worth it to go? i'm tempted to convince my parents to...
  4. RileyTheOtter

    Any tenno among the forums?

    Anyone else play warframe? I play on PC, under the username Abyssalrider.
  5. RileyTheOtter

    I'm lacking a ref sheet for my sona

    I've made some artwrk for my sona in character creators, notably Create a Fursona v3 Male by tony64, Hero Machine 3, and Wyndbain's Wolf Maker. But I lack a reference sheet for him, which would make it difficult to commission any future artwork when the time comes that I finally choose to do so...
  6. RileyTheOtter

    Finally decided to Introduce myself

    For those of you who've seen me around (usually the rp forum) you'd know a bit about me. For those of you who don't, I'm abyssalrider. My fursona was previously a Dragonhound (dragon-wolf hybrid) now it is a Tiger-Wolf hybrid with wings. Both my fursona and I share interests in archery, hiking...
  7. RileyTheOtter

    Anyone else in South-East Wisconsin?

    Kind of curious about it, I only know like two people IRL who have a furry disposition. both of which i'd met long before I learned what it was or realized I did too. I live in Walworth County, but that's as close as i'm getting to my address outside of pm's once I know someone well enough to...
  8. RileyTheOtter

    My First RP Thread

    This is my first created/ran RP thread, so bear with me as I learn to get better at this. List of things available/setting of the story. -The setting is mostly fantasy with medieval ages type weaponry. -There is limited technology like early steam-powered stuff for buildings, but mostly...
  9. RileyTheOtter

    Any Man With A Mission fans?

    I'm curious, i really like their music and find it awesome that they wear wolf masks when performing.