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  1. Shadowblackwolf

    Farewell to a legend...RIP E-DUBBLE

    So I just found out last night that E-dubble passed away at the age of 34. too young to go out like that. And though, he never made it to the top of the charts, he was a rap legend in of himself Goodbye E-dub, your music was and still is an inspiration, and will always be on my playlist when I...
  2. Shadowblackwolf

    Welp. My computer is F%#ked

    To any and all out there that I owe art for. My computer recently went through a storm plugged to a power strip that was claimed to be a surge protector (granted, I'm sure that it being 10 years old doesn't help.) Anyway, long story short, it's fried. I probably needed a new one anyway, seeing...
  3. Shadowblackwolf

    The dark side of youtube?

    It's hilarious whatever it is. Also, a sex offender named Sam Pound?
  4. Shadowblackwolf

    Any way to post artwork on your forum profile page?

    This might have already been asked, but is there any way to put artwork on your forum profile page? I realize that might defeat the whole purpose of the main site, but I was just curious, as you can do it in threads.
  5. Shadowblackwolf

    Music selection poll!

    So one of the other things I do, when I'm not drawing, working or freerunning, is video editing! Mostly Destiny videos, but I digress. Anyway, I'm making my next video with the deadline sometime in early September, and I have music that I want to put in, but a lot of undecision as to which one...
  6. Shadowblackwolf

    Feeling Lazy.

    With No Man's Sky coming out in literally 2 hours, and The Rise of Iron coming out in September, I have absolutely no motivation to draw. Just chillin here on the forums till then... That being said, I'll have to before I go nuts. I can only take so much of the video games before I get tired of...
  7. Shadowblackwolf

    I do requests. CLOSED. Will do more in the future!

    For free no less. trying to get back into the swing of things. So, If you want a request done, just give me refs, or a description of what you want, and I'll try to the best of my ability to accomplish it. Bear in mind, that I do not draw anything Equine related, or outside of the mammal species...
  8. Shadowblackwolf

    Kinda new kinda not

    Hello! I'm Shadow. I've been around for about 3 (or 5?) years, but never used this account for reasons I can't explain. I started an account here 3 (or 5) years ago, posted 1 pic and then never logged in again, heh. I'm a furry artist, and I kinda disappeared a few years ago. With work and...