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  1. RileyTheOtter

    Autism in The Fandom

    AS is a perfect example of something I've been saying for years: We don't suffer from autism, we suffer from idiots and pretentious pricks because of it. Worst part of April is AS does all their stupid ad and donation campaigns in it so people throw money at them naively thinking AS actually...
  2. RileyTheOtter


    Fellow otter detected! Always nice to watch our numbers grow, we shall take over the...I mean uh nevermind. Nothing suspicious about otters, anyone who disagrees is lying.
  3. RileyTheOtter

    Jin is back !

    You just love having characters the size of a wall don't you? :p
  4. RileyTheOtter

    Changing from Red Panda to Otter soon!

    Is it even possible to go wrong with otters? They do use kelp to avoid floating away while they sleep. But only sea otters hold hands, other species usually have a den near a body of water they sleep in. That said, otters are quite adorable and have feet closer to hands than regular paws. Their...
  5. RileyTheOtter

    Autism in The Fandom

    I should check this site more often. Bit late on the topic, but I agree with Ziv and Firuthi that a medical bracelet (or similar item) indicating a diagnosis may not be the worst idea. I know I could definitely have a need for one if I ever have a meltdown down like I used to when I was a...
  6. RileyTheOtter

    Autism in The Fandom

    I wish more people knew about what Autism Speaks was really like and their level of hypocrisy. Every April I have to try not to laugh every time a cashier asks if I want to donate to them as part of my purchase. The only time I personally interacted with anyone affiliated with it, they treated...
  7. RileyTheOtter

    Why do people hate kids...?

    I don't hate them, i just find children under 6 years old to be among the most annoying people on the planet. Sure it's not their fault, but they're still annoying as hell. If i ever had kids it would be adopting one already over 6 years old, because that way the annoying stage (imo) is done...
  8. RileyTheOtter

    About the New Ratchet & Clank Character (Poll)

    I'm betting it will be retconned by saying Angela lost hers in an accident (probably bitten off by a protopet) and the news anchors assumed females didn't have one because they only saw Angela.
  9. RileyTheOtter

    Any Playstation Destiny 2 players?

    I'd join in, the hype for Beyond Light is real with dark guardian powers being a thing we can finally get.
  10. RileyTheOtter

    Any PS4 gamers out there?

    I most definitely am a ps4 gamer, my psn id is listed on my profile.
  11. RileyTheOtter

    What would you be doing today If Covid hadn't happened??

    I would hopefully have been starting an emt cert course this fall, and be working as a lifeguard right now.
  12. RileyTheOtter

    Tales of the Deities (Current Status: Ask Before Joining)

    “I’ll have some cod and a glass of orange juice” the otter said as he looked around the restaurant, meanwhile Ryo was doing his best to remain quiet and out of sight of the other patrons.
  13. RileyTheOtter

    Tales of the Deities (Current Status: Ask Before Joining)

    I look at Victor with my eyebrow raised. (You would be displeased with what i usually do to Nazeem when he says that)
  14. RileyTheOtter

    Wecome back to the forums

    Wecome back to the forums
  15. RileyTheOtter

    Tales of the Deities (Current Status: Ask Before Joining)

    "i think Ryo and I will find our accommodations in the park, sleeping indoors isn't something we're used to. It'll be more comfortable for us outside in nature, my mentor recommended I grow more accustomed to nature anyway. but we could go for the food."
  16. RileyTheOtter

    Tales of the Deities (Current Status: Ask Before Joining)

    "He might be, I really don't know. I should be able to keep him under control, he's been with me since he was a pup. Though he'll need to eat soon as well, he hasn't eaten since we left Halluk." -the otter was walking a bit behind the others, Ryo closely at his side.
  17. RileyTheOtter

    Just an Idea * Interest Check*

    @DragonMaster21 out of curiosity, what would be the natural burn/surge possibilities for say a sergal?
  18. RileyTheOtter

    Tales of the Deities (Current Status: Ask Before Joining)

    "Might as well go with, someone's bound to know something interesting. I imagine it'll be a good chance to learn more about Ryo and/or nature magic." I whistled and Ryo stopped what he was doing to come over and sit at my side, waiting for further instructions.
  19. RileyTheOtter

    Tales of the Deities (Current Status: Ask Before Joining)

    Ryo was nearby sitting and wagging his tail as he watched the pup. “Seems Ryo is very interested in it too, you should probably take it out of the egg and keep it warm.”
  20. RileyTheOtter

    Tales of the Deities (Current Status: Ask Before Joining)

    "I remember, it said: 'History's Echoes, the world shall wake. One last chance to change its fate. Two become four, four become six, Six pillars, the world to fix...' that mean anything special to you?" Martin asked with an inquisitive look on his face. “I mentioned this to my mentor, a druid...