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  1. Chilensisboy

    (Commission) Selling: 5 slots: postal size digital art $10-20

    sfw comms postcard size 10 x 14 cms 1 character 1 color BG Black and white 10 USD Color 20 USD the payment is vía paypal I will DM the info when I see your post :) so I can start when u deposit You must: pay upfront Give me some reference of the character have an idea of what you want...
  2. Chilensisboy

    Requests, come and get one.

    Hi, I havent drawn much lately, and want to upd8 my gallery and show my drawings here for you to know me, a little "exposure" of sorts, so that later I can open commissions. So post your references here, and I will do some poses and stuff, may be some coloring. those are some samples that I...
  3. Chilensisboy

    ( closed due unexpected work!!)- free art !!!! again!

    Helloh, i wanna start doing commisions here, so i want to get a gallery that has lots of different characters so that you can get how I draw and if u want to give me your money or not SO START get me ur references here! I will do traditional art and take a pic with my phone :)
  4. Chilensisboy

    Ok, lemme show you what can I do

    I´m new here and I need some new friend and customers so lemme gift some black and white drawings of ur OC´s so you can see my art style. Post it here, dont be afraid I will do at least 10...
  5. Chilensisboy

    New neighbor

    Hello, its my first time here and I really dont know if you will like my art or style, but always is a pleasure to go for the gold even if you dont get it, the experience is valuable SO, im here to grow as an artist and meet new people, may be make a little money and stuff I hope to get along...