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  1. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    Wow it's been a while since I've been on here! I was wondering if a few of you could help me out. I have a paper due for my "Game On" class this coming December. The class is devoted to studying the culture around video games and the communities and art they create. For our final we can write...
  2. Merp

    Beautiful Animal Sculpture

    Check out this Artist Her sculpture is incredible...just look at the medium used next to the images and you'll be surprised to find that its bronze and Stoneware...pretty incredible sense of movement and expression. I love the roughness she's left almost like studies... just thought I'd share
  3. Merp


    Sedrie - the Lonely Fossa I thought I'd join in (partly because Ive never started a thread before..shh...hehe) Anyway my Fursona is a lot like me...but I will refer to her (me) in the third person...its just easier to write Sedrie is a Female Fossa. She's 22 years old, about 5'5'' and 130...
  4. Merp


    Hey everybody! I'm new to the forums but Ive been on F.A. for a bit. Anyway, I guess I'll say that I like Asian food, Goldfish and walking ^^ I am an artist too, and you can find my arts below in my sig. I guess thats it! Nice to meet all of you! ;)