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  1. Ren-Raku

    So yeah, it's been a while...

    Just dropping in to have a look here. It's been ages. Just wondered how many people actually remember me ^^
  2. Ren-Raku

    Unban some people?

    Lookie. http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=41410
  3. Ren-Raku

    Happy birthday to me.

    Title says it. Don't care if you post on here or not or if it gets locked w/e. But tbh, today's been a bit rubbish.
  4. Ren-Raku

    What's your sexual preference? vol. 4

    Old sticky has hit 500, so here.
  5. Ren-Raku

    Keep the Forums PG-13 - NT

    This thread is made of awesome.
  6. Ren-Raku

    So which order?

    I think most people know about Seth McFarlane, Matt Groening and their respective cartoons, but in which order do most people like them? My order is this: 1. Family Guy 2. Futurama 3. The Simpsons 4. Amercan Dad
  7. Ren-Raku


    I finally made it...It was a steep hill to climb, but it was totally worth it. I've not been here for an extended period of time, but I have definately seens what it's all about. There are those who constantly get on people's nerves, those who are so totally lovable (one particular person more...
  8. Ren-Raku

    Any UT2004 screenies?

    I'm an avid fan of Unreal Tournament 2004, but I'm wondering if anyone else here is? I'm a fan of the Team ArenaMaster and Freon mod for it, how about anyone else? Post screenies here!
  9. Ren-Raku

    Man bites a snake.

    WTF? Epic quote from the article:
  10. Ren-Raku

    New sexuality thread

    New thread since the other one hit 500. Hold on whilst I add the poll...
  11. Ren-Raku

    My first video of me on YouTube

    Please watch, rate and comment! First one! Second one!
  12. Ren-Raku

    Rofl, look at this fail!

    Just a quick video of fail. YouTube linky You click, you fail.
  13. Ren-Raku

    Should there be a RolePlay section on FAF?

    Title says it.
  14. Ren-Raku

    Do you believe in aliens?

    Well do you?
  15. Ren-Raku

    Yes I'm going to waste more of your time...

    I've been addicted to a certain game for a while. Dunno if any of you guys/girls have played it, but it's pretty damn addictive. I give you...iSketch!
  16. Ren-Raku

    Trying to draw a dinosaur head...

    Title says it, but I'm not sure the tongue looks okay...Apologies for the poor quality picture, taken from my phone.
  17. Ren-Raku

    David M. Awesome

    Whut...It posted 2 threads...
  18. Ren-Raku

    Hopelessly Lost: A piece of my innermost intellect.

    This is 1 of 2 poems I wrote on a Sunday about 2 years ago, each taking me about 45 minutes from scratch to write. It's about a man who's married a woman, and hated her enough to have killed her, believing that it was God's and Satan's might, but he still loves her enough to regret it. He also...
  19. Ren-Raku

    How do you wake up?

    Just wondered how everybody else wakes up. Personally I have 2 alarms, set 15 minutes apart from each other, and then my phone's on loud :3
  20. Ren-Raku

    Another riddle

    Arron wanted to get into a house where a secret meeting was being held, but he didn't know the password. He watched from the bushes as two other men were let in. The first man knocked on the door, and when the person behind the door said, "twelve," he answered, "six," and was allowed in. The...