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  1. Khim

    PKMN Friend Code

    Hi, i have been playing Pokemon Pearl and so far i have been collecting every pokemon i encounter so i can fill my podedex list but the journey is not done since i dont have the previous GBA games of pokemon but anyways im trying to get the ones i can find in my version of Pearl, if you are...
  2. Khim


    Who here has a mate (BF or GF doesnt matter)
  3. Khim

    Fursona Inspiration

    I just want to read what ppl say about how they create their fursona, either inspired by someone or something. Just a happy thread to talk about. My fursona was inspired not only because i love the mythical chimera, but also it was because this good artist and also a good friend of mine...
  4. Khim

    Furry Tattoo

    Quite interesting but yeah, some fursonas had a tattoo in some parts of the body, does your fursona has a tattoo, whats the tattoo about and where? Also would you have a tattoo of your fursona?
  5. Khim

    Fursona´s Voice

    If your fursona has the ability to talk, how would you describe his/her voice with us? Mines would be strong spoken, with a funny foreign accent
  6. Khim

    Khim the Red Chimera

    Well i like the idea of talk about your fursona so i will start with mine. My Fursona name is "Khimaira Six" but it is known as "Khim". He is a chimera but for many its just a horned red lion (cuz he doesnt have wings :/ i didnt get it either). Whats so special in him? well he has more fur than...
  7. Khim


    I entered a few days ago and i forgot to make an intrduction here. Sorry. My F-Name is Khimaira but everyone can call me Khim for short. Im 19 and i draw furry and many other things but i dont consider myself as furry but hey, i enjoy drawing furry so everything its cool, right? Im from Mexico...
  8. Khim

    Kung Fu Panda

    my family want to watch it today, is it good?
  9. Khim

    The Furry Day

    How bout making one or it is already exist?
  10. Khim

    Fox as Sub

    How did it start this stereotype of foxes being the sub ones? i watched how Fox McCloud is the one sub or Robin Hood and Fox characters. Just being curious about this
  11. Khim

    Furry Videogames

    How many videogames which involves the furry or anthro characters does exist?
  12. Khim


    Do you wear things made with leather? i simply dont, but if its fake then ill wear it =)
  13. Khim

    Pokemon vs Digimon

    Classical discussion so, which one is better? cuz i like both in my opinion :B
  14. Khim

    Meeting spots

    where you live, do you have some sort of meeting spot for you and your furry friends, if so, what s the place? My meeting spot was in a university with some few at the cafeteria, they had lots of tables and somehow each zone was classified (geeks, popular, normal, freaks, etc.) so we stayed on...
  15. Khim

    Wake up with a tail...

    Long ago i had these furry friends (extremely furries) and one day i was talking with one of them then he started to shout "why god didnt gave me a tail?" he told me that he wish one day to woke up with paws, tail and ears, looking a lot like a wolf, then days after i was with another that...
  16. Khim


    do you like 4chan? cuz i do =)
  17. Khim


    Whats your favorite Meme and why? (Just breaking the ice) Mines the Mudkip meme :B
  18. Khim


    Whats so interesting in this...fetish? and sexy is not an answer (like some few answered me).
  19. Khim

    Furry in Religion

    One day i was browsing the youtube to watch paranormal videos (im such a fan of paranromal things) until one related video was about furries (not amused) and it was about how Jesus was represented as a lion and there were many pics of jesus as a lion, its kinda funny how all the concept of the...
  20. Khim

    Starting a Comic

    I want to start with a comic ive been working on. But first of all i want to know how does it work, where to print, like comics such as Circles or Heat and many others. How? if im not being specified plz tell me