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  1. skeletorbeing

    I EAT >>>>>>>YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P request plz!!!

    Id like to take some art request ...im not very good with art trades. sorry. Im better at manga so if you want it to be the best it can be do manga but i do need practice in anthro...O>O :p
  2. skeletorbeing

    Totally wacky art exchange

    I don't want a full scale anthrope i just want to draw manga characters with tales and what not. Give me stuff hard but be specific. My art challenge lol and heres some pics by me...O.o that is my pictures show up. if not my home page for D A is http://dead-r-us.deviantart.com/ okay it dosent...
  3. skeletorbeing

    art requests

    Im taking art request will not do nude pictures will do any form of anime will deffinetly do anthro (duh anthor forum. x.x lol) i have the freedom not to do a request if you dont like the picture i do for you ill offer you another request. Will take trades!@.@:grin:
  4. skeletorbeing


    hey im new here T.T i dont know what elese to say but i really hope your brain dosent go dead from what i just said T.T sorry :confused: