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  1. 4sak3nFurry

    The zombie killers

    LEEL looks better than what I was gonna do!
  2. 4sak3nFurry

    Free icons

    Is there still a spot? If so can I have one? Ref is in the sig
  3. 4sak3nFurry

    The zombie killers

    Hehe can't wait.
  4. 4sak3nFurry

    Super duper orgy scene - wanna be in it?

    Been full forbquitensome time.
  5. 4sak3nFurry

    Free art! Come one, Come all!

    I believe you never did me from the other thread and I didn't drip out. So if you could do that that would be great. Re I sig. Dint remember exactly what I requested. It would be easier to go and find it as it's your thread
  6. 4sak3nFurry

    Would anyone be interested in doing some kind of trade for a Starcraft 2 beta key?

    Re: Would anyone be interested in doing some kind of trade for a Starcraft 2 beta key Ooh I'm interested! What would you want exactly? I can attempt to draw although I'm bot grey. I am a fan of Starcraft and blizzard. Have been looking for a key for quite some time.
  7. 4sak3nFurry


    Could up do my fursona in colour? Ref is in the sig. As for pose... A action pose with a Katana? Maybe slicing someone up?
  8. 4sak3nFurry

    Draw an arctic fox, get an instrumental rock/metal song!

    I'm in. I'll get to work on this in a few days. Um a theme for my char would be great! Thanks!
  9. 4sak3nFurry

    100 Themes/50 Days

    Ould I get 43 and 98? Ref in sig! Thanks!
  10. 4sak3nFurry

    The zombie killers

    Looks great! How's number 2 going?
  11. 4sak3nFurry

    Anyone willing to trade some art for music?

    If you are interested in some not so good art... I suck but I love music. Rock in particular but anything with a good dancing beat. Thanks and pm me with stuff I guess
  12. 4sak3nFurry

    Taking Requests/Art Trades

    Ok I'll art trade but I need a more full ref or a very very detailed description. My art sucks... still getting better. M ref is in sig.
  13. 4sak3nFurry

    Hedgehog Character Requests Open!

    Umm unsure how this will turn out but I'm interesed. Hair colour is blue eyes are green Clothes like my sona. In my fa page. Link through pawprint Pose is leaning against a wall skin colour whatever picture um ref in siggy
  14. 4sak3nFurry

    Takin' Some Requests!

    Pm sent!
  15. 4sak3nFurry

    Sketch requests!

    That is awesome! I definately need to turn this into a theme for my ps3! Thanks sooooo much!
  16. 4sak3nFurry

    100 request challenge

    See no one has grabbed 100. Can I grab it?
  17. 4sak3nFurry


    Same name as here ref in siggy class soldier... He makes me lol hat should be the default soldier hat
  18. 4sak3nFurry

    I am looking for a particular picture.

    I'll take a look for you tommorow but I'm tired right now so I couldn't be bothered. Tommorow though
  19. 4sak3nFurry

    Free 350x350 Icons. 2 slots.

    Dam I think I'll miss it again since I can't check during school :( o well it's up to you :D
  20. 4sak3nFurry

    Doing sketch requests :)

    Are those links meaning they are done? If so can I get in? Sigmunds ref is in my sig.