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  1. Bacu

    Friendship is over.

    The new TF2 update. Discuss. Soldier'd better win.
  2. Bacu

    Your view on brofists? (poll)

    So what do you guys think about getting a brofist? I luv getting brofist especially from my tru bros. So like yesterday I was walking around and I saw one of my tru bros and I was like HEY BRO and he was like SUP MAN and then we were like *brofist*.
  3. Bacu


    Comes out Tuesday. Anyone else excited? I'm tempted to get the ROM leak right now, but that'd ruin the fun.
  4. Bacu

    Musical Discovery Time.

    To be honest, I need new music; you do too. So why don't we post 3 groups/artists that we like? With a link and a description, if possible. Anything goes. Avoid reposts. Depeche Mode - 80 electronic-ish stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p1N5St_77w&fmt=18 Alestorm - Dragonforce + pirates...
  5. Bacu

    Ugh. Mobo not recognizing IDE/SATA.

    So, I've finished assembling my new desktop. Everything's fine. Fans spin, video's good, etc etc. EXCEPT for this lovely problem that came up during POST. The BIOS isn't recognizing any of my drives. 2 HDDs on SATA. Originally set them up on the SATA-power adapters, but tried molex for...
  6. Bacu

    Touhou, anyone?

    I've recently gotten into Touhou per recommendation of a friend, and I must say I'm enjoying it alot. So far I've only played PCB, but I'll probably keep at it until I actually win, though that may take a while, as it looks like it gets quire difficult. just for kicks I'm refusing to play any...