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  1. Kranksty

    Sheesh Working on my suit for about 6months now.

    I started shortly after RF09 working on my own fursuit. I am still no were near completing it. But I have been trying to get at least 2 hours a day working on the suit. If you want to watch me or want tips or have tips for me while I am working on my suit I UStream every time I work on my suit...
  2. Kranksty

    Grontalis Raved The Mix

    Hello everyone. Don't know if this is the right area to post. But thought I would let every one know I have my first rave mix done by me up on my profile! Here is the linkage: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2172816 It might be choppy while loading so start it and stop it and wait for it to...
  3. Kranksty

    My First Rave Dance.

    I have it posted on YouTube and on my Furry-Fandom Website. YT Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbXnWh38FVQ FF Download Page: http://www.furry-fangdom.com/Grons_Playroom/index.php?name=Downloads&req=viewsdownload&sid=10 Enjoy my first rave and probly my last falls over and dies X.X Haha
  4. Kranksty

    New website Yay!

    Hi all I have a new website for my furryness. The site is http://www.furry-fangdom.com/Grons_Playroom/index.php Just got the site up just a few minutes ago so not much in it but I will keep adding to it on a regular basis! :) Yips loudly because he is excited! :) Fastly wags tail :)
  5. Kranksty

    Question about paws?

    What do you think looks better for paws? I know some do the 4 paws and some do all 5 paws. I know the 5 paw one is probably more comfortable but I am sure there is a way to make the 4 pawed ones to fit comfortably too? And too how do I foam the paws? I think some do and some don't but I want...
  6. Kranksty

    Birthday Party At Gron's House! (Gresham, Oregon)

    Hey all! Any one close by in Oregon or Washington is welcome to party at Gron's house the birthday party is on April 1st so coming up fast. There is a bunch of diet soda and coca-cola for sugared soda. No alchohal though :) Please PM me if you want directions to my home. I have all...
  7. Kranksty

    Yay started drawing furrsuit parts :)

    As of yesterday I have started drawing the varius furrsuit parts. :) Did the hands since that was the easiest just doing tracings of my hands and stuff. And something that came in the mail came with some nice quility foam so will use it for the paws. Going to work on drawing the body and head...
  8. Kranksty

    Throwing out some domains.

    Hey all I am throwing out some domain names for my fandom site + future fursuit business ;) I am thinking GronDalliusFurrs.com Here are some others I'll put them in a poll form so you can vote for them :) GronDalliusFurrs.com GrontalisCustomFurrs.com GronsFantasyFurrballs.com...
  9. Kranksty

    Totaly newbie fursuit question.

    This might be a stupid question but how many yards do I need to make a full fursuit? I am thinking of getting bulk fur that comes in 3 yards. Is that enough for one suit or should I get more then that? Sorry totaly new to fursuitting so will probly have lots of newb questions. I am 6' 3" if...
  10. Kranksty

    How should I go about it?

    Hey all.. I was wondering how I should go about making fur suits for other people? I want to make my own but can't really since there is no money that I have but I am saving up to make one. Should I make fur suits for other people so I can get the money to make one of my own or should I wait...
  11. Kranksty

    Fur Suit scraps?

    Hi all I want to do a fur suit but not very much money to do one. Any one have some scraps they want to get rid of? I live in USA and want to show up to my church one day in a fur suit and make every one else wonder who the hell it is in there hahaha. I have hand sewn before but never done...
  12. Kranksty

    A coupe questions about fur suits?

    Hello all. I want to make a fur suit and don't know really how to. I have seen some of the tutorials on how to make a head. I want to do a male fox that has purple for main body and for hair I want that a dark purple with blonde or gold spikeys. How do I go about putting together the body...
  13. Kranksty

    My first drawing done for myself.

    Hi all. I would like to know if my art is good enough to color. Right now it is a pencil drawn Dragon. Go check it out at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1869750/ I always think stuff I draw sucks so prove me wrong and I might just color the art and finish it with more paper! Thanks!
  14. Kranksty

    Purple Fox *Pencil Drawing* done.

    I got the purple Fox done. Well sorta. I still need to color the drawing which I will do some time. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1869473/ Warning: This drawing is of an [adult natured] drawing.
  15. Kranksty

    Would like Dragon self portrait?

    Any one do animal portraits that are humanesk? I would like a dragon self portrait that has my face features in it. I want wings on it too. With a tail and if colored I like Purple, purple for main color and do the outlines in a navy blue color. Some spikes portruding from the back of the jaw...