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  1. malk

    Concentration of LGBTQ identifying persons in this fandom

    So I'm not sure if this is just because I pretty much only keep up with the non-heterosexual parts of the fandom, but there seems to be a very large number of furries who identify as being LGBTQ members. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on why this might be? Am I completely wrong on...
  2. malk

    Music Game: turn it up or turn it down

    So I'm not sure if a thread like this is already up here, but here's a cool way to find awesome new music: listen to the song that was last posted. say whether you would turn it up (liked it) or turn it down/off (disliked it) and post a new song. I'll start it off: http://youtu.be/KYdB3rectmc
  3. malk

    Hello there it is me hello

    Hello everyone! I am not really new here. I've had an account of FA for a while but I wanted to get more involved with the fandom and actually talk with some of you awesome people. I'm a 20 year old douche bag going art school or something. I mostly do film and a little bit of writing and...