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  1. Merp

    What do you WANT to do?

    Re: DREAMS: What would you love to do I want to work in the film industry
  2. Merp

    Rare canines in the furry fandom

    lol omg me too
  3. Merp

    Animal testing, yes or no?

    EDIT - Its hard to say really... For things like shampoo and cosmetics I opt for no testing but some medical advances have to be done on animals first... Randy is right, I wouldn't volunteer to have an ear attached to my back... Its sad but its the truth
  4. Merp

    Collars and your opinion

    can be hot....just has to be the right type of collar really
  5. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    hug* thanks!
  6. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    I might. Im not the best writer but I'll post some of it for sure. Also I'll post some pics of the presentation. Im not sure what Im going to do. I might draw my fursona and present her to the class or something. :D Or maybe even join SL!
  7. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    Conker & Aurali - Thank you for you responses! :D
  8. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    Gah! It has been a while! lol I completely forgot about PMing. Thanks for your help! hehe
  9. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    I appreciate your warning. I'd rather people not be trolled for what they do. I offered my email address in case they'd like to answer in private.
  10. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    renaissancefan98 - thank you so much for you contribution! :D
  11. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    If you'd like to answer the questions in private you can PM me Thanks! :grin:
  12. Merp

    Do you has a mate?

    I have a mate but he's not a fur. lol...he's supportive though... :D
  13. Merp

    Second Life Anyone?

    Wow it's been a while since I've been on here! I was wondering if a few of you could help me out. I have a paper due for my "Game On" class this coming December. The class is devoted to studying the culture around video games and the communities and art they create. For our final we can write...
  14. Merp

    Your Hometown

    I grew up in Lancaster, Ca. Mojave desert....middle of nowhere...
  15. Merp

    What is your ethnicity?

    French + Scottish = me
  16. Merp


    I keep a 14 gallon aquarium - currently housing five tiger barbs.
  17. Merp

    Any Furs on Twitter?

  18. Merp

    Do you believe in love?

  19. Merp


  20. Merp

    And you thought the anal rape was bad

    psh...I'd rather dance than get raped...good exercise and it looks fun too....