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  1. Chex

    Short Short Critique Requested- "Flight"

    A piece of artwork on FurAffinity inspired this, but I admit to not saving the location. It's just a simple short short (less than 600 words) in which the world is dying thanks to humans, and the ancient dragons struggle with the end. Any critique is wholly and completely welcome; I haven't...
  2. Chex

    Making a Tail

    Having had plenty of experience making tails, I'm finally getting around to making a proper one for myself now that I have a decent fur. The only problem I'm getting stuck on are the 'blades' I want to have at the tip of it, like this...
  3. Chex

    Dragon Colors

    I've been working on the idea of a fursona for a while now, and I know what I want type- and body-wise, but I still have no idea what colors to apply. Being a dragon, there's a fantastic number of choices and combinations, but I keep going back to the idea of a pattern that appears in nature...
  4. Chex

    General improvement ideas?

    I always seem to have trouble putting characters in poses other than "standing there with a hand out." I'm very proud of myself when I do, so I figured I'd offer up one of my favorite unconventional mindbabies to be ripped to shreds by whomever deems it necessary. Any advice and/or critique...
  5. Chex

    Question About Blocking

    I tried to check around and see if I could do anything; I'm wondering if there's a way to block a specific user or non-watched users from seeing my submissions/account. The user I am referring to has a history of saving multiple peoples' artwork (watermarks and all) and uploading them to a...
  6. Chex

    Long Hair Materials

    I'm looking to do a partial suit for myself for AFF that's coming up in may, and the design I had in mind would require something longer than the longest-pile fur out there. What I'm looking for is more horse-tail look, and a way I can attach it to a rather skinny tail. For reference, this is...
  7. Chex

    Treating Fur

    I'm starting to make my tail and ears (a little late for Halloween, as always,) and I have some pretty good quality fur that I found my chance at Jo Ann fabrics. The only problem is, it's got wrinkles in it from where it was rolled tight on the bolt, so the fur's going crazy directions and...
  8. Chex

    One Fur All, the newest Washington Furmeet!

    SharakoLunarWolf and I have started up and plan to continue to organize the newest furmeet around Lynnwood, Everett and North Seattle, One Fur All! We've also started an LJ community (http://community.livejournal.com/onefurall/) and a Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/onefurall/) so...
  9. Chex

    Seattle, Washington Furmeets?

    Since speaking to a few people here, and some on different communities on Livejournal, I've discovered a couple different furmeets happening on the outskirts of Seattle. Two different furmeets happen in Bellevue, one on Whidbey Island, and there may be others I don't know about, but would be...
  10. Chex

    Feral to Anthro?

    Since I am a poor person no monies, ever T_T), and I've discovered I'm actually quite bad at drawing anthro animals, I'd just like to request an anthro form of my fursona. Its picture is here, for reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1636576/ Also, a few notes, just for even more...
  11. Chex

    Taking REQUESTS!

    Since I've just revamped my icon for FA, I thought I'd offer to do chibi icons for people! All you gotta do is show me a picture of your icon devotee, and I'll make a 340x340 drawing, as well as a 100x100 icon for you. :D That way, the icon will turn out something like this: EDIT: Requests...
  12. Chex

    Taking commissions!

    The holidays are coming up, and while that means more work for me, (woo, retail,) it still means less money. Therefore, I'm open for commission. All my art is done digitally, and the list of prices and things is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/info/alchemydragon/ But here's the kicker...
  13. Chex

    Wandering Minstrel

    Hey, y'all. My name is Chex, and I'm quite obviously new. I've been a closet furry for a while, but I've just started getting more into it, and I'm really enjoying myself so far. Nice to meet everyone.
  14. Chex

    I don't have a fursona!

    Despite my name, my fursona isn't a dragon. In fact, I don't even have one. I know I don't have to be any one thing; I can be something completely random, or a combination, but... still, nothing has struck me. I tried creating a character based on myself, but he quickly found his own story and...