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  1. Rydenan

    Show me your sci-fi/military anthro characters and art

    This thread has inspired me to do more scifi stuff! Cat + power loader + gatling guns: (This is, of course, just a rough initial sketch)
  2. Rydenan

    Show me your sci-fi/military anthro characters and art

    Once in the long ago, I sketched but never finished this one. Maybe I'll finally give it a go! (Even though it looks surreal in sort of a neat way right now, lol)
  3. Rydenan

    Display Tablets

    Been loving my Monoprice 22" HD Pen Display for well over a year now. 3x the screen area of a Cintiq 13hd, and half the price. Not to say Cintiqs aren't nice, but I'm a sucker for value ;)
  4. Rydenan

    Show me your art improvement!

    Two leopards, separated by 3 years! Making this made me realize that I've abandoned a lot of the 'realistic' shading I originally tried (and failed) to include in my drawings. Ah, well.
  5. Rydenan

    Why doesn't this site use HSTS?

    Thanks, I know about HTTPS Everywhere; I use it on most of my browsers. But I didn't make this thread because I was worried about myself. As of this moment, it's very easy for a FAF user who's not "in the know" on this stuff to send their credentials over an unencrypted connection. And, as I'm...
  6. Rydenan

    Thoughts/suggestions on this shading scheme? (Warning: skimpy)

    If there's one thing I like to avoid more than drawing hands, it's got to be coloring. I have tried many, many different approaches. Here's my most recent one: Uncensored version: [NSFW] Any thoughts? Too 'blobby'? Feel free to critique the lineart as well if anything looks off. Thanks!
  7. Rydenan

    Why doesn't this site use HSTS?

    HTTP Strict Transport Security is a basic precaution, without which it would be trivially easy to steal user information from this site. What's more, the Google result for "FA Forums" directs to the HTTP site. Without HSTS, anyone who then logs in without manually switching over to the HTTPS...
  8. Rydenan

    Anybody draws on the iPad?

    Not an iPad, per se, but I draw everything on a Surface Pro (2). It has a Wacom digitizer, so it really is like a mini cintiq with a laptop built in. Drawing on a screen is so nice that I doubt I'll ever go back to a standard pen tablet again.
  9. Rydenan

    Needs some critque on my new fursona.

    This is really good for a first time! The character's stance looks well-balanced, and the proportions, for the most part, all seem believable. He also has a good sense of being '3D' rather than flat. This is in part due to the basic shading, but mostly because your figure is well-drawn with...
  10. Rydenan

    Digitigrade Kick - Thoughts?

    So here's a sketch I attempted with a foreshortened kick, on a digitigrade character (so the ankle should be 'farther away' than the foot). Thoughts on whether or not it looks "correct?" (or on any part of the drawing, really) Thanks!
  11. Rydenan

    Help drawing tails

    Generally, tail movement starts from the base of the tail and propagates through the tail in a wave. In the sketch I attached, I'm assuming the tail started in the position marked by the dashed green line. Then I 'moved' the base of the tail towards the right, but kept the end of the tail where...
  12. Rydenan

    I'm stuck... *sighs* again

    Well, a few things: First, don't take my sketch as how you should draw this image. I was simply using your construction lines to make a drawing to show that I thought they were pretty good. But of course the real image should come from your own imagination. ;) Second, as for my style (though not...
  13. Rydenan

    I'm stuck... *sighs* again

    Hello again! Glad to see you liked my sketch ;) I think what you have for the face is quite good. Where you went wrong is with the outline of the head. When the head is at a 3/4 angle like that, the face will be off to the side and will obscure some of the features on the far side. So the head...
  14. Rydenan

    Free con badges

    Hahaha, fair enough! Male or female? I don't have much in the way of references myself, just my FA/forum icon (to the left) and www.furaffinity.net: Affection (unfinished) by Rydenan (the orange guy). He's a sort of canine/feline hybrid, leaning a bit towards canine side. But honestly you can...
  15. Rydenan

    Free con badges

    Hmm, I need badge experience as well. Would you like to do a trade? (I generally draw canines, felines, and similar mammalian types)
  16. Rydenan

    grrrr... I'm stuck...

    I think the main problem is that his muzzle looks flat and downward-sloping in relation to the rest of his face. I did a little trace for you to show what I mean. Though it's important to note that every artist has their own style, and this is simply how I might draw it. Certainly not how you...
  17. Rydenan

    Willing to pay top dollar for skilled artists

    Haha, thanks! Careful though, she can be a bit.. feisty! ;)
  18. Rydenan

    Let's Draw! "Proud to be a Furry"

    Yeah, sadly, a little while back there was a Great Schism of sorts. The forums were closed for some reason (drama i guess). Later, the Phoenixed Forums were formed as a replacement for the FA Forum. Then the FA Forums were revived. So those who came back after the original closing are now split...
  19. Rydenan

    Willing to pay top dollar for skilled artists

    I'm more of an intermediate beginner than a 'highly skilled' artist, but I'm currently selling cel art like this, if you're interested: (If you want color, that's not out of the realm of possibility. I just don't have too many color samples ATM.) www.furaffinity.net: Commission Info 1 by Rydenan
  20. Rydenan

    Anyone Play Planetside 2?

    Hey, replies! cool! I haven't played a ton. But I mainly play NC, aka the Noob Conglomerate (because rock music, and Space 'Murica! lol. They also have the coolest guns IMO). And yeah, TW3 has pulled me away from Planetside lately too. Such an awesome game!