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  1. Rafeal

    AUP violation?

    Junk uploaded? I don't think bestiality (unless drawn) is allowed on here... loldogsexlol (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/loldogsexlol) has posted a series of just that... dog sex..
  2. Rafeal

    Linking to the site...

    I have my own personal webpage and enjoy browsing through the collection of 'stuff' on FA. I would like to link to the site. Is there a proper banner that could be used to do this with? Also, is this covered in the policy or AUP, TOS or such? Raf
  3. Rafeal

    How to post links etc

    How do you post links, like Next, Previous etc in your submissions... as well as point to other works by hyperlink instead of typing out the entire damnable address? Please? Or point me to directions to do so? Raf
  4. Rafeal

    Help FA Today, Donate!

    I think everyone can help FA... Dragoneer has posted a link to donate to the cause and I think if we all donated a few bucks, FA would get what it needs to keep afloat. I enjoy the site so much more than I ever have before... mostly because of the getting comments and PMs from people and...
  5. Rafeal

    Delete OOPS comments

    Hmm... what about... If you post something BUT :roll: don't get to finish your idea or some other dumb reason. You cannot edit your post but need to post again (double posting) Allow the poster of the comment to, if not delete it, at least edit it. Once edited, PRESTO! you are done.