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  1. Sernion

    This video made me think...

    Never cared about Renamon till I read this. ..Now I hate Renamon.
  2. Sernion

    Favorite Videogame Genres?

    Pretty much any kind genre except Sports/racing and fighting games.
  3. Sernion

    Genuine North Korean cartoon with Furries

    Lol, the subtitles are hilarious. xD
  4. Sernion

    Fatal Frame/Project Zero...

    Thanks for the information. I was tempted to play one horror game by watching few walkthrough videos in Youtube, but looks like I shouldn't do so. xD
  5. Sernion

    First attempt.. Critiques/guides please?

    I think I've hit a point where I want to add more details to my drawing but doing so makes it more messy rather than looking better. :/ I tried to reference mainly from this picture and many other artworks to get tips and glimpse of how they expressed real things into a drawing. Any...
  6. Sernion

    Best video game music?

  7. Sernion

    Which search engine you like the most and why?

    Google just because the mainpage is very clean without any advertisement etc etc. I can't really say if its actually more accurate than other search engines.
  8. Sernion

    Best video game music?

    I remember there was a huge list of Favorite video game music somewhere and Melodies of Life was in the Top 10. I love that music. Also adding this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-_Did76LXQ
  9. Sernion

    My interests

    *starts tapping dispenser*
  10. Sernion

    Best video game music?

    Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core : The Burdened
  11. Sernion

    When you play games, what do you exactly look for?

    Picked for Good Storyline, but a good soundtrack makes the game really enjoyable for me.
  12. Sernion

    Things that remind you of the fandom or friends when:

    Around here, there's a computer shop branch called WolfnFox computers. I can't help but to chuckle whenever I see one of them.
  13. Sernion

    Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0

    So.. I've went to theatre with my brother yesterday to watch Rebuild of Evangelion : You can (not) advance. And it was really amazing. The first one was somewhat boring because most of the plots and scenes were taken from the TV series and it was pretty much predictable. But unlike the first...
  14. Sernion


    I have a pretty bad Entomophobia(insects) and a minor Globophobia(balloons). But didn't you have a Spider fursona? :/
  15. Sernion

    Why get on the internet

    I check my portfolio and trade stocks online, buy things on Amazon.com, sell my possessions on Ebay and send birthday cards to people. No porn. :3
  16. Sernion

    Dragon Age: Origins

    Bought it in Steam when it was on 25% sale about a month ago. The game is fun but I kinda expected something more for being a RPG game from Bioware. :3 Baldur's Gate 2 still holds the place of Best RPG of all times in my book.
  17. Sernion


    Back when I was kid, when I watched 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd from Nick I used to think 'What the fuck? He have done bad things and he became a dog?'
  18. Sernion


    Re: FAVORITE ***ANESE ANIMATION? I laughed so hard my waist hurts.. Back to topic: Evangelion Series
  19. Sernion

    Would you believe someone.....

    1. Yes. I don't want anything for this Christmas. Well, at least material things. 2. Yes. I would believe them. I don't understand why anyone would lie about it.
  20. Sernion


    Still playing the game mostly because its so easy to multi task.